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  • LIAKÁDA, percy jackson
    117K 5.5K 26

    "We are not our namesakes. We will never be more or less than what we are now, and I have loved you without regret. If we die, haunt me so your face is the last I see." [ PERCY JACKSON x FEMALE OC ] [ PERCY JACKSON SERIES ] cover by @humaneity !

  • RELÁMPAGO, leo valdez
    573K 30.4K 80

    "I'm completely in love with you and you haven't even realised but I'm totally fine with the crippling knowledge that you don't like me back. That's fine, I'm fine. Totally fine." [ LEO VALDEZ x FEMALE OC ] [ HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES ] cover by @humaneity ! plagiarised by @IzzieGilbert39 - they are not...

  • AMANTI, nico di angelo
    1.1M 68.7K 148

    "The moment I met you, I held my breath. And you've been taking it away ever since, Nico di Angelo." [ NICO DI ANGELO x MALE OC ] [ PERCY JACKSON SERIES ] [ HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES ] cover by @humaneity !