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  • The Beginning of The Army
    39.9K 1.8K 20

    ~Uses the Attack of The Clones Plotline~ The 2ND Book in the Age of Jedi series :-) Go Read the 1ST one if you haven't. After the death of Master Qui-gon Jinn, Obi-wan takes on Anakin Skywalker as an apprentice. The Council laster decides that Jade should also have a Padawan. When Jade's old friend Padme arrives in...

  • [COMPLETED]The Grey Jedi (Rey x Male Reader)
    116K 1.3K 13

    (Y/N) Windu is the only grey jedi walking in the universe and has been living with his team of survivors for years. Now he and the team must come out of hiding when he receives a distress call from Crait. Follow your Journey as you teach Rey and find love on the way.

  • The Age of Padawan
    84.2K 3K 23

    When Jade Terrano starts on making her first lightsaber as a young padawan at the age of 8, she notices something, or rather, someone. Everything but my own character and plot line before I get into the first prequel belongs to the Star Wars EU. Book 1 of the Age of Jedi series! Cover Art I got from google. :-)

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    7.5K 165 10

    *COMPLETED* Follow the epic tale of Jaina Solo-Skywalker and her droid BB-8 as she discovers she is the last Jedi left in the galaxy and hears of her brother Ben's (Kylo Ren) betrayal to the Order. I DO NOT OWN STAR WARS.

  • What If Ahsoka Tano Never Left? (Star Wars AU Fanfiction)
    44.9K 1K 20

    This is an AU Star Wars fanfiction with a What If scenario. What would happen if Bariss never turned evil and bombed the Jedi Temple? This would change the future of Ahsoka Tano for she would not be accused for unspeakable acts of crime against the Republic and the murder of Jedi, clones and civilians. This fanfiction...

  • Brave | Star Wars/TFA {1}
    7.4K 350 23

    As Kylo Ren and the sinister First Order rise from the ashes of the Empire, Luke Skywalker is missing when the galaxy needs him most. It's up to Kirra, a Resistance pilot, Rey, a desert scavenger, and Finn, a defecting stormtrooper, to join forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca in a desperate search for the one hope of r...

  • Star Wars: Son of Skywalker | Book II: The Last Jedi
    33.5K 728 52

    Jacen Skywalker's story continues, as he learns the ways of the Force, and takes the Grey Path. While his Father, Luke Skywalker, trains Rey, who had only begun to discover her power, Jacen must uncover the mysterious disappearance of his Mother, and struggles against the conflict of saving his Cousin, Kylo Ren. This...

  • Star Wars: Son of Skywalker | Book I: The Force Awakens
    28.7K 586 34

    This is basically "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", but in an alternate universe about Luke's non-force sensitive son Jacen Skywalker, and how he is dealing with his cousin's turn to the Dark Side, and how he must watch over Rey, a scavenger who doesn't know she's a force user at this point. Now he must help the Resista...

  • Lucky ~ Scalia (COMPLETED)
    27.7K 485 30

    All of a sudden a horn blared at the car, causing the driver to swerve in order to prevent crashing into the lorry. The car toppled over and crashed in the woods. A mother and daughter left with bites and slashes all over their bodies and a coyote running and running and running. #7 Scalia - 29.08.18

  • Fall Through Tartarus (Jiper) (Complete)✔️
    8.8K 414 38

    Piper could not stop looking behind her. She couldn't shake off the feeling of being followed. They were just collecting weapons. But they were near the open to Tartarus home of the darkest monsters. Should she be worried? Something from the pit grabs on to Piper and pulls her down Jason desperate to help her grabs...

  • Switched
    10.2K 411 12

    What if the day Hera decides to unite the two camps, Artemis interrupts? And what if Artemis convinces Hera to switch two girls instead of two boys? Artemis chooses Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano and Piper McLean. Will they be able to save their camps? Percabeth/ Jasper

  • Jeyna: We Could've Had It All // ADVANCEMENT
    4.2K 152 10

    What if the Prophecy of the Seven had never happened? If Percy and Jason had never swapped places? If Hera hadn't been meddling? What if Piper had never come along into Jason's life? Reyna's camp is slowly starting to fall to bits. She's missing Jason terribly and Octavian is...just being Octavian. Gaia is slowing inv...

  • Imagine: a Percabeth and Jeyna story
    16.6K 450 10

    Imagine if Annabeth and Reyna went missing instead of Percy and Jason. This is a story about what would have happened

  • Jeyna: We Could've Had It All
    3K 115 8

    What if the Prophecy of the Seven had never happened? If Percy and Jason had never swapped places? If Hera hadn't been meddling? What if Piper had never come along into Jason's life? Reyna's camp is slowly starting to fall to bits. She's missing Jason terribly and Octavian is...just being Octavian. Gaia is slowing inv...

  • Jeyna - A love between friends
    3.4K 75 13

    It started just as one one-shot, but many others came together so I decided to turn it into a little book of Jeyna one-shots. It may include AUs and other ships. (I ship Jiper, but I love Jeyna's friendship, too.)

  • The magician's story
    177 12 6

    What will happen when Eliza Wood finds out that she is descendant of the pharaohs? Follow along on Eliza's journey of being an Egyptian magician.

  • Magnus Chase One Shots
    53.1K 1.4K 20

    These are oneshots from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. Any ship. I take requests.

  • Sadie's Opinion on Ships
    35.3K 1.4K 144

    SHIPS WHOOHOO Wait, what kind of ship exactly?

  • Ask the Kanes
    15.6K 809 24

    Ask any characters from Kane chronicles and i will have them answer. Also I will be more then happy if you PM me the questions. It will be much easier

  • Can I Trust You? (Kane Chronicles & Percy Jackson Crossover)
    20.6K 562 26

    The magicians have declared war against the Greeks and Romans. The Greeks and Romans have angered the magicians. When Camp Half-Blood goes to Egypt to fix the situation, Percy and Annabeth try to reason with their friends Carter and Sadie ,but they want justice for their friends. Meanwhile, Camp Jupiter is being attac...

  • Kane Chronicles book of Randomness
    28.3K 1.3K 35

    Much like my Heroes of Olympus book of randomness this is random stuff about Kane Chronicals

  • The Kane Chronicles- One-shots
    6.3K 57 6

    A collection of one-shots based on the Kane Chronicles series (I won't update regularly, but when I have spare time)

  • When Kane Meets Jackson
    10K 563 23

    When Dylan Jackson, son of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, sees weird sightings on the subway, he encounters a girl, with a strange white staff and powers beyond belief. What will happen when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's son and Zia rashid and Carter Kane's daughter meet? A unstable fire elementalist and a boy...

  • The Kanes Do Truth or Dare
    8.6K 256 9

    The magicians of the Brooklyn House have gone on many adventures but their greatest adventure is surviving truth or dare.

  • Zarter
    25.9K 268 29

    A story about Zia and Carter's life (maybe a few others as well) after the defeat of Apophis.

  • Shut Up... Zarter Short Stories
    43.2K 656 22

    Months after the last battle, love will identify itself... A series of short stories. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS WITHOUT FINISHING AT LEAST ONE OF THE BOOKS OF THE KANE CHRONICLES!!! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Kane Chronicles Characters

  • Flower Crown
    2.3K 38 6

    Fluffy Jiper/Jasper fanfic for all to enjoy!! All characters belong to Rick Riordan, credits to @indigonite from Pinterest for the cover picture

  • A Pipercy Story: Broken Then Fixed
    129K 1.4K 40

    7/1/18 #1 in Pipercy Jason found someone else... Annabeth joined the hunters... what does this all mean now for Percy and Piper, who's former lovers left them both...

  • The Lightning Thief Annabeth's POV (ON HOLD)
    3.8K 109 11

    ~slow updates~ Annabeth is a daughter of Athena. She's longed for a quest ever since she arrived at camp half-blood. But what happens when she gets her wish? The Lightning Thief in Annabeth's POV. I just really enjoy writing from Annabeth's perspective and wanted to give this a try. So since I stink at descriptions...

  • Princes and princess of olympus
    129K 2.4K 50

    What happens when Percy Thalia and Nico is raised on olympus as their mother died during childbirth ? Read and find out what happens after they are born. How they are raised and the shenanigans they get up to :) Warning : If you don't like the reality that they are spoiled by the gods, don't read it. Seriously. I don'...