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  • The Billionaire Playboy's Ward [Under Revision]
    13.3M 250K 27

    Isabella Stanford never thought that one day she would have the Playboy Billionaire hottie for a guardian but did when her parents died in a tragic accident and left him with that responsibility. Now, ten years later, she discovers that the big crush she had always had for the badboy was still very much alive and he w...

  • When We Met (Student/Teacher Relationship)(COMPLETED SLOWLY EDITING)
    3M 57.9K 58

    USED TO BE TITLED "GRADUATED" "Kiss me! I mean it! Kiss me! I'm not going to make the first move. You are! I want you to kiss me, and I want it to be damn good! Make it so damn good, I forget I'm married! Make it so damn good I forget that you're my student! Make it so damn good that I fall in love with you, because t...

    Completed   Mature
  • So We Meet Again (Sequel to When We Met)
    1.1M 27.1K 42

    Addie Johnson has just graduated from college in Texas and is coming home to Georgia with her boy friend, John Collins, of two years. It's been nearly four years since she's been back to Georgia. She has had nothing to do with Morgan Denson in three of those four years. So what's going to happen when she comes back an...

  • See You Later...[Sequel]
    310K 5.5K 40

    (Sequel to 'I Want You...'. If you haven't read 'I Want You...' then I suggest you do so if you want to understand anything in this story.) Is true love enough to bring two ex-lovers back to eachother? Amanda DeAngelo left Manhattan, New York to start her new life at University of Southern California, leaving b...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Want You... (EDITING)
    674K 13.3K 48

    Can true love resist eachother? Amanda DeAngelo is the new student at Jericho Valley High School. Amanda not only faces new people, and new drama, but also a forbidden crush. Will she fall for the boy everybody likes at school. Or will she fall for her edgy, sarcastic, handsome Drama teacher?