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  • The LGBT Literary Awards [CLOSED]
    128 8 1

    Awards Period: October 23 - November 7 〚 〛OPEN 〚 〛CLOSED 〚 ♣ 〛JUDGING Welcome to The LGBT Literary Awards! This is the official contest book with all future contests from us.

  • The Standouts - A Critique Contest by PAULAPDX (Summer 2019 Edition)
    2.4K 205 6

    🛑 - CLOSED until 2020. Does your work stand out in an overly-crowded landscape? Even here on Wattpad, more and more stories are uploaded every day. Does your story & writing shine as far as: ★ - Concept ★ - Voice ★ - Storytelling The Standouts is a fun, but hopefully helpful contest that can give you a sense of wheth...

  • Wattpairs Mentorship Challenge [2020 - CLOSED]
    9.5K 858 26

    IT'S TIME TO MEET YOUR MATCH! Please join me for the opportunity to be mentored by writers from all over the Wattpad community with varying degrees of writer "know-how" [i.e. published authors, editors, wattpad stars, watty winners, featured writers, paid writers...Etc.] Check out the next chapters for more details...

  • WRITING HELP: How To Show, Not Tell
    4.2K 270 16

    A collection of useful words and sentences used to describe scenes or characters in writing a story. Plus, any useful things I encounter like how to write dialogues, flashbacks, and more.

  • How to kill your writer's block with Tarot Cards
    13.5K 203 7

    Nothing sucks more than wanting to write but you're empty of ideas. Especially when you know your imagination works but it's just blocked up with writers flu. Here's a guide to unstick yourself by using Tarot cards to build a story. This could aid you in new ideas or just be a fun writing exercise to work those cre...

  • Tarot for Storytellers
    2.9K 73 11

    A guide to using the Tarot as a tool in crafting characters, plots, and settings. Included are various spreads and interpretations I've come up with over the years, for use in my own projects. Any deck can be used, though I highly suggest the Rider-Waite deck for its timeless imagery. The Tarot is much more than a sim...

  • The 2019 Watty Awards
    1.4M 38.6K 69

    The Watty Awards are Wattpad's annual celebration of the electrifying, visionary, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year. Across a decade of Wattys, we've celebrated the journey millions of Wattpad writers undertake to bring their stories from their dreams and into the lives of readers...

  • Neverending Night | Dark Fantasy Challenges
    1.8K 118 13

    Five prompts. Five Days. One epic story. Neverending Night is a recurring challenge. Each round has a distinct and prevalent theme. Over the course of five days, five alternate themed prompts will be revealed. The challenge is for each writer to come up with a Dark Fantasy tale using between 2 and 5 of the prompts. In...

  • Stardust Graphics [OFCO]
    29.7K 3.1K 77

    This is where I will be posting my work, as well as a form for anyone who'd like to hire me. I make covers, gifs, book jackets, sets, book mockups, book mockup sets, banners, profile headers, etc. I am currently open for commissions only Highest: #35/3,600 in Covers 6/2/18

  • Wattpairs Mentorship Challenge [2019 - Closed]
    22.3K 2K 42

    IT'S TIME TO MEET YOUR MATCH! Please join me for the opportunity to be mentored by writers from all over the Wattpad community with varying degrees of writer "know-how" [i.e. self-published authors, editors, literary agents, Etc.] Check out the next chapters for more details and add this book to your library and fol...