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  • Chaotic Hearts | ✓
    60.1K 7.2K 40

    After a traumatic experience that manages to completely throw Anika's life off the axis, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is, somehow, the anchor to her sanity. But could it be that the man and her had a history together? ➤ full summary inside ➤ cover by @blackmaniacx ➤ completed

  • Amortentia | drabble series
    105K 17.6K 41

    • Amortentia is the strongest love potion in existence, but the love Shivaay and Annika have for each other still surpasses anything this potion could ever produce • A drabble series on Shivika and Narbhi. Started- 3rd January, 2019

  • The Accidental Matchmaker
    221K 29.5K 66

    previously known as: The Taming of the (Male) Shrew. Anika Trivedi had a simple life plan: • graduate • get amazing work-experience • open her own event-management company • marry a nice boy Of course, the last point was added by her mommy dearest, word for word. So you see, nowhere in this plan did she include findin...

  • One Shot Contests
    56.5K 4.1K 75

    Hit a writers' block? Feel like trying something different? Just feel competitive? Jump in to find a new contest every month. currently hosting: A Letter of Love [February '19]

  • A Little Something Different
    18.9K 770 9

    Livin' on love A basketful of one shot stories of Ishqbaaz. The serial of three brothers and their love for family and for their ladylove which left us wanting for more.

  • THE STORY OF US | Editing
    54.7K 4.8K 35

    #13 in short story It was rainbow and sunshine every day for Anika in her life. She has the brightest smile on her face and she was content and happy even though she lost her mother at a young age. She couldn't complain because God gave her the best father in the world and to add more fun in the family a little packag...

  • The Ishqbaaaz Fanfic Community Awards 2018
    18.3K 789 20

    [TRCA : Results] [TUG: Judging Phase One] Think your story has the potential to be recognized? Think that it deserves better? Do you believe your story deserves accolades? If you answer yes to any of them, this is FOR YOU! The basic purpose of these awards is to bring out those fanfictions that deserve so much more. T...

  • Not All Stars Belong To The Sky
    749 74 3

    Nobody listened. Nobody cared. To the world, they were perfect and happy but only if others knew that they weren't in peace with their soul. But it was too late when the untold stories were revealed. It isn't a love story but a story about eight teenagers who longed to be loved for who they are in real.

  • Shivika OS~ The Dare
    1.3K 147 1

    ... Read this if your interested in a Romantic-Comedy but still quite touching...💞 Anika gets given a dare by her friends but what happens when she steps out of her safety zone and actually this dare makes her fall for her, 'someone special'

  • Unwanted
    999 105 1

    Well, I wasn't much serious about this plot. Just came across the pregnancy fiasco in DBO again and an idea popped in my mind. It is a very short story with lots of time leaps. . . Let's get a hint. The name already triggers an alarm. This is not a ShivIka, RiKara or RuVya story. It is about junior Oberois and special...

    4.4K 387 8

    Not everyday of your life you get thrown into a green room full of long-legged Super Models high on protein-shakes and green-y (read yucky) vegetables and accidentally get mistaken for one of them! Lehangas, Stilettos, Backless Blouses and Doris! Annika is sure this time the Raita she spilled is going to be extremely...

  • There Was You
    14.6K 965 15

    Ishqbaaaz- fanfiction! Please read the first two parts of the book to learn more. Apologies for my non-existent description. It's only because I suck at them.

  • His Mystery Kisser
    26.4K 2.5K 6

    Shivaay is subconsciously aware of the woman he wants to marry. Unfortunately, it isn't the one he is marrying. Complicated yet? It is Shivaay Singh Oberoi's life which is nothing if not complicated. So when, at his pre-engagement party, he is kissed by a mysterious woman, he only gets tangled into this web of women...

  • Magic?
    17.8K 1.7K 25

    ...Read this book to come into the magical world of Shivika ❤❤ The teenage boy looked at Shivaay and said, "I don't believe in magic" Shivaay smiled and slowly said, "You will when you see her..." 💫

  • Troublemaker | Discontinued
    4.7K 727 8

    Anika Reynolds is the troublemaker of her school. It is like she attracts trouble like a magnet or they are so much in love with her. She is someone who you don't want to mess with or else you will be in trouble. But is there a sweet, kind, innocent girl under her rebellious, arrogant and cold face? Shivaye is the per...

  • Medley :: Ishqbaaaz Short Stories
    48.8K 4.6K 16

    Medley - A Collection of Short Stories. This book contains various short stories based on Ishqbaaaz characteres. Cover Credit: @ImLilMissComplicated

  • Contemporary Cinderella • completed
    47K 7K 21

    One evil step-mother, two annoying step-sisters and one oblivious father. That's how far Anika's story coincides with Cinderella. In a turn of events, the similarities become glaringly obvious. The only question that remains, will Anika fit into Cinderella's shoes? Caution: Readers might forget what Cinderella was ac...

  • A Secret Rendezvous
    69K 8.9K 26

    The Oberoi family gets all tensed when they find Anika not receiving any of their calls for forty-eight hours straight. It is only later that Shivaay comes to know her phone has been last traced on a very - unexpected - place to say the least. Not wanting to make his family worry for no reason and definitely not becau...

  • Unrequited
    68.1K 7.6K 17

    Unrequited. Maybe or maybe not. What is assured is: - a few lies, sweet, sour and a bit of spice. - adorable devars who make their brother jealous. He doesn't accept it but we all know. - a Cupid in the form of Dadi - hugs, kisses with a sprinkle of tadi - an ex who doesn't lie. How interesting. So when Shivaay meets...

  • Secret Santa, Mistletoes and a Merry Christmas
    6.3K 704 3

    [Two Shots] Mallika invites the Oberois for a Christmas party, with a hidden motive. Setting up her completely in-love best friends. With a game of Secret Santa, wrong guesses, punishments and Mistletoes, everything in their favour, if and how do Shivaay and Anika finally accept what's brewing. Not espresso, love ;)

  • Ibaadat [ Omvya ]
    648 63 1

    #omvya Book 2 in #guiltylove series This story's credit solely goes to @MsLizzieWrites I got the idea from one of the shots from her book *Rikara One shots* And to a song. All love is not meant to end in a lovey dovey way. Some stories die even before starting.. they don't end in comedies or tragedies.. they just chan...