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  • Highschool with the Host Club (host club x reader) (COMPLETED)
    260K 8.1K 38

    Ranked #1 in ohshcxreader 02-24-19. Due to family issues, you have to live with your cousin Haurhi. It isn't so bad, going to such a rich kid school. Until one day the infamous Host Club brings you into their charades. Nothing can go wrong, right? (XD wrong!) Btw: I DON'T OWN OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB! THE TRUE OW...

  • Mermaids Curse
    81.4K 2.8K 16

    "Bofur was right; Mermaids can be cruel, aloof and unreliable. But teach her well and she can learn, treat her right and she could well save your life." The Company of Thorin Oakenshield stubble across one of the most unlikely of creatures. Alluring, rare and dangerous. But Thorin can't seem to keep the strange girl o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fallen Angel - (Seven Deadly Sins x Reader)
    993K 29.4K 59

    (Various x Reader) As a fearful struggle began amongst the Goddess' for the throne, the High Deity sent down her daughter (Y/n) to Earth to keep her safe from the Demon King, who threatens war against the Goddess race. To ensure her daughter remained protected, the High Deity transferred a majority of her power to her...

  • Castle's Pet (Bad Guys X Reader)
    366K 11.1K 41

    [Highest Rank: #1 in "sans"] [Second Highest Rank: #18 in "xreader"] (Girls only!) (Earlier updates are on my Quotev account!) WARNING: Profanity and Violence! You were a normal 17 years old girl from the Undertale universe, you fell down Mt. Ebott when you were 15 and you've lived in the Ruins with Toriel. Oddly...

  • A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's x Reader) DISCONTINUED/POSSIBLE REVISIT
    103K 3.8K 40

    Sans and Papyrus were your best friends until randomly they just cut off all contact with you. This went for everyone else in your life so it didn't really hurt that much when they did. The only question is why they didn't do it sooner. So after two years of loneliness, what was originally a drop off turned into a ho...

  • Cursed ( Meliodas X Reader ) on hold
    172K 4.4K 31

    Y/N she's an angel who went to earth to fight the demon clan. Meliodas , prince of darkness, bumps into her and starts to feel something. Will Y/N be able to save meliodas? And can Meliodas save her ? Story is VERY CRINGE!!!! read at your own risk, wrote this when I was like 14 💀 - 2-1-18 ~ #8 in meliodasxreader 2...

  • Ruthless (Seven Deadly Sins X Reader)
    502K 15.1K 31

    (Various x reader) After the murder of her mother, (Y/N) fled to Earth to get away the Goddesses. Her existence was strictly forbidden and punishable by the death of her and her parents, for she was an angel-human hybrid. She was stronger than any regular goddess, and the goddess clan were afraid of her immense power...

  • Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X Reader
    280K 8.8K 66

    It's been a few months since the last neutral run and things have taken turns for the worst. No one is happy, Everyone is starving. An you are the perfect prey, falling into the deadliest trap known to the underground. He knows something and your determined to find out. Will you loose your head?