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  • The Hole in my Heart (Gaara x reader)
    150K 5.6K 23

    An outcast since birth and the jinchuriki of the 7 tailed wolf, (Y/n) does her best to keep her head held high. But citizens of her village look down on her and the only one who protected her is now dead. After losing control she decides to run away and find her family, having only a single photograph as a guide. On h...

  • Stuck in Naruto (naruto fan-fic)
    1.5M 48.4K 27

    Alison is just a normal girl... Or as normal as you can grow up to be with a family that didn't really love you. As she discovers she is adopted, she starts to wonder where she could be from. As she wishes to be in the place she belongs in, she finds herself in none other than the Naruto world- some show about ninjas...

  • Please Catch Me - Ouran High School Host Club Fan-Fiction
    133K 3.9K 17

    Amanda Destiro has a dark past, and she wants to keep it in the shadows. She was recently adopted by a rich and famous Japanese family who have sent her to a renowned school for wealthy brats: Ouran High School. Her life will change drastically, and love will fall in her path. But is change always good, or will Amanda...

  • Eren's Twin Sister (Attack On Titan)
    168K 3.6K 8

    Eren and Hope are twins, born at the same time but with completely different destinies. Find out what happens when they both join the military and meet new people. One of which Hope slowly starts to fall for. But will he fall in love with her too? Or is their time together going to be cut... Short?

  • Eris the Coyote's sin of Strife (SDS Fanfic)
    301K 9.2K 22

    ***** Slow Updates 2020 ***** The Eight members of the Sins were the strongest and most revered Holy Knights that others looked up to and the members this group were originally an independent order of knights serving the kingdom of Liones. They were declared as traitors and villains after being framed for assassinatin...

  • The Truth Behind The Lies {Naruto Fan-Fiction}
    1.1M 38.4K 44

    My name is Rima Hatake, so I guess you can tell who my father is, the copy cat nin Kakashi. As for my mother, well that's a secret best kept hidden, for if it were to get out I would have a certain S-ranked criminal after me. Before she was murdered, my mother sent me off to Kumogakure to train with Killer Bee-sama...