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  • [Second Book] The Colony-Story of citizens
    301 46 23

    Story takes place in near future, where mankind is occupied by unknown alien force. Cities are separated by great walls, which are 100 feets high and also deep. Numbers of colonies is known only to the people in the goverment. These colonies are governed by human personnel, they are under command of the aliens. Discl...

  • [First Book] Colony-Story of Authororites
    380 92 11

    Are you wondering why IGA and Transitional Authority are in power? Why our Earth is under occupation by the Hosts? Well, you will find answers here, in Story of Authorities. This story is just inspirated by american tv show Colony. My story is only inspirated by this series and I dont hold any right on any copyrighte...

  • [Fourth Book] Colony-Greatest Day in Human History
    61 14 5

    This is story about human race after the Great war between Hosts and Demis. Earth is ruined, cities are in fire, Hosts and IGA are gone. What should humanity do now, should they announce that old world's order is gone and it means return of democracy or should they reform some of IGA's ways and keep things as they we...

  • [Third Book] Colony-Great War
    62 17 8

    Great war between Hosts and Demis has begun, after surprising attack on the Factory and IGA Headquarters in Davos. What will happen to the Earth and human race? What faith is waiting for Outliers, who were sent to fight into unknown battlefields, with the unknown enemy? This story is just inspirated by american tv sho...