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  • different blood
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    [Discontinued] "I highly advise you to not do that, Detective." Gavin scoffed, pushing the android aside. "Who gives a fuck?" Conan regarded Gavin with an unsympathetic and cold glare, grabbing the detective by the shoulder and shoving him back. "I do, Detective."

  • gavin900
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    Gay android //human shit.

  • Maybe Robots Aren't So Bad... [Reed900]
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    Cover art by cynderiaopus-smisse on DA. ------- Gavin and 900 have worked together for 2 years now, and have grown pretty close. Gavin has sprouted feelings for the taller Android, but would never admit it. 900, or Nines as he is called, has also had feelings for Gavin, but passed it off as something malfunctioning in...

  • Reed900
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    Cover is by crystalphobic on Insta. Warning ⚠️ there will be smut This is really random. Idek what I was thinking when I wrote this One shots

  • Dog Syndrome (RK900 x Gavin Reed)
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    It's almost a year, that the androids started a revolution and got stopped by the RK800-model. Most of the old models got destroyed and replaced with newer models in hope, that the disaster wouldn't happen ever again. After the great success of the RK800, Cyberlife published the new advanced model, claiming, that this...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rk900 x Gavin|| F U C K E D. U P.
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    This shit contains lots of trigger warnings like SEXUAL SUICIDE SELF HARM And more

  • Heart of Ice
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    Cover credit to @dxddynxnes. Detroit: Become Human belongs to Quantic Dream. This fanfic has some sexual jokes and descriptions of gore, but there will be no actual sex there, so uh, if you're sensitive this might not be the fic for you. Best rankings: no. 1 on #900gavin no. 1 on #gavin900 no. 1 on #conan no. 2 on #re...

  • Leave me be. {Reed900} (DISCONTINUED!!)
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    I don't know if I will finish this, so hang with me okay? Okay. Also yeah Rk900's name is Conan deal with it

  • Android Lover (Rk900 x Gavin Reverse AU)
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    "You are a android I know just act more natural more human not as much as a deviant but more subtle ya know?" ^ software instability

  • Closer Than Partners (rk900 × gavin)
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    Gavin reed has never felt love for a very long time until Conan was sent to him to work on a tricky case the 2 find how they may just become more than parners (2 perspectives 18+ and SMUT )

  • Partners In Crime ~RK900 x Gavin~
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    Post-pacifist ending: Detective Gavin Reed and RK900 end up as partners at Detriot Police Department. They both hate each other but learn to accept the circumstances they are under and grow as people and as partners. Rk900 x Gavin Gavin x Rk900 Reed900 900Gavin

  • Blue Blood and Bruises
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    Fuck I really don't even know what to put here anymore This is just some Reed900 shit I felt like writing😩😩😩

  • Maybe more than a Machine (Gavin x rk900)
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    Nines, an Rk900 Android, saves his DPD partner from a deviant attack. After hostility, 28 stab wounds, and some tea Gavin realizes that Nines isn't so bad. They bond, and realize that the other species isn't as bad as once thought. Sure, their friendship is okay. It's built off of bad jokes, near death experiences, se...

  • Reed900 Oneshots
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    Reed900 is the romantic pairing of Gavin and RK900. In these oneshots, RK900 is going to be referred to as Conan,, The writing is mine,, fluff, angst, and maybe smut if I want to write it. I think these two are cute and there's not enough fanfics about them,,, These characters do not belong to me, they belong to the c...

  • Plastic waste Detroit become human Gavin x RK900 (Mature)
    22.4K 874 8

    Detroit become human Gavin x RK900 (Mature). This story contains very mature content! I don't suggest you to read this story if you are under 18 years old. (Or just read if you are into that kind of stuff owo) All The visuals of the story, including all art are not mine!

  • Hank and the RK Brothers (A collection of short stories) [DISCONTINUED]
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    [DISCONTINUED] These are short stories based on the 'Brothers AU' where there's not only Hank and Connor, but also Conan (RK900), Colin (RK800-60, the one who held Hank at gunpoint in the cyberlife towers and fought with original Connor), and also Colton (who is basically Bryan Dechart in cosplay, but in this AU he's...

  • Disgustingly Appetizing
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    Detective Reed's just been partnered up with RK900 and things aren't going too well but not for the reasons you may think. The android's taken a liking to the crotchety cop, perhaps too much of a liking. Male on male, now with smut on Ch. 14, 25 and 36!

    Completed   Mature
  • F*UCK YOU. || A Reed900 Fanfic|| DISCONTINUED
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    Gavin withdrew his gun out pointing it at RK900's head. "I'll fuck you up bot. " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What would happened if a rude, stubborn, and quite insensitive man got a very good looking and sly android as a partner. You can have your own thoughts about out what would happen and I may just sum them...

  • Fuck Life
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    After the Android Revolution, a law was created to give rights to androids to be treated as equal to humans. Unfortunately, not everyone is in agreement of this idea. One of these people are Gavin Reed. Ever since the law was passed, Gavin has been deteriorating. His opinions starts to affect his work. So as a way to...

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    I really wanted to write about this ship soooo yeah I'm gonna try (I wish myself luck)

  • (Gavin Reed x RK900) How to assert dominance with a male cat
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    When Nines took Connor's advice and signed up to work at the Detroit Police Department he did not expect that he would be placed with what could only be compared to an aggressive, grumpy cat. This is a small collection of scenes based off Gavin's cat like personality.

  • reed900 one shots
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    hnnnn have this whilst I struggle writing an actual story

  • Bulletproof Love; GavinxRk900 fanfic
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    Gavin is told that he has to partner up with the new Rk900 model and he is not happy but.... read to find out what happens next. Warning ⚠️ Language, Violence, Smut 14+ The art is not mine neither is any of the music I add only the story

    Completed   Mature
  • Plastic prick (Gavin x RK900) OneShots
    21.7K 586 10

    Such good boyyyyys Gavin is a complete tsundere This is gonna contain a lot of swearing cause we're dealing with Gavin here what do you expect from him. Cover art by me because we need more fanart of Gavin

  • Partners | Rk900 x Gavin | Detroit: Become Human |
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    |Under editing| Since the first Android detective was a major success, the Detroit City Police decide to introduce another. Rk900 is quickly sent and partnered up with the stations most hated detective: Gavin Reed. |Credit to the artist who drew the cover picture - Donlemefo on Tumblr- as well as any other artists wor...

  • Tentative
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    Cover art - donlemefo on tumblr Gavin Reed, a famed android hater is assigned an RK900 model as a partner, whom he nicknames "Nine."

  • Gavins Android (reed900, Gavin900)
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    we all know Gavin and rk900 is the kinkest couple in dbh. well this story is gonna feature all those goods and fluff. "reed my programming must be off i-" Gavin smirks "you're such a dumbass" he then presses his lips to mine. feeling this unknown feeling is like nothing I've ever felt. like im in android heaven. "Gav...

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    One-shots based off of my favorite ship from DBH. REQUESTS OPEN

  • Gavin Reed x RK900
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    I do not own anybody from the wonderful game Detroit: Become Human! just a living fan!