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  • Annika an Afrika-Koningin (Temporarily On Hold)
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    She had a kind of understated beauty. Perhaps it was because she was unaware of her allurement. Her personality is of an angel, and her life told of a young woman in need of love, freedom, and self-discovery. Graceful. Bashful. Intelligent. Fiercely Independent. Strong-willed. Beautiful. All Seventeen-year-old Annika...

  • Blue (Urban)
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    Born from a bloodshed legacy, Blue Voisin, the only living sister and princess of France, is given up for marriage against her own will to a man they call Okorie Obiekwu-The King of Rivers-who's lives deep within the walls of Nigeria. And although Blue's brother Niaël Voisin, the King of France, claimed his intentions...