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  • Can't get enough
    1.6M 55K 66

    "All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend. Down to ride til the very end, me and my boyfriend" -Jay-Z & Beyoncé

  • Let's Get Spicy
    45.9K 1K 29

    Clarence and Queen met on the day of orientation at NYU and since then they have been great friends. They grew closer and closer and became best of friends. One night after a party they slip up and have sex with each other revealing the true attraction they had for each other and sexual tension between them. What happ...

  • lil mosey ( first love)
    23.7K 401 16

    Yoooo ima try to update everyday. I really wanted a lil mosey story so I decided to make my own @amira who know who this is (gang gang💀) Issa love story y'all . |SHORT STORY|

    Completed   Mature
  • Tied To You (clarencenyc)
    800K 19.3K 76

    Kyla is a 17 year old girl who live in the hood , who is always fighting and who don't takes nobody shit. Not even her mama. When she gets into a fight with Clarence little sister at school she starts a new journey of her life trying to deal with king. Clarence (King)is a 24 year old kingpin who is ruthless and don't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living with boys
    97.2K 1.9K 18

    enjoy :)

  • Love and war
    129K 3K 33

    Kylie moved to California leaving her friends and old school behind . She has an annoying twin brother named Jared . They both go to school and meet new people. spark new romances and get into trouble throughout the year . Kylie meets Brody and things get spicy . Read along to go through the journey with them !

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Fetish 2:Love forgotten
    1.4M 45.5K 19

    After Jadah,survives her coma of 1 year,and gives birth to her two twin babies,WHILE in a coma,she's ready to start her life,on a new.Fresh.Clean start.Her life is going ok,but slowly tilting down until the man she loves,who she hardly remember,comes back into her life,Jayceon. Jayceon is fresh out of prison and alrea...

  • Thug fetish 3:Lost but not forgotten
    2M 68.5K 39

    The story of the lost Twin//+more

  • Thug fetish
    4.6M 105K 33

    [SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANITY WILL BE USED IN THIS BOOK] commenttttt give me yall feedback//still under construction ------------------------------------ Jadah is a average teenager her life is going decent until she falls for a man 4 years older than her and her life immediately starts to go downhill.She deals with...

    90.7K 2K 37

    sequel to back to you

    Completed   Mature
    321K 8.3K 38

    just read it , this book is old est 2018 and it was my first book

    Completed   Mature
    33.6K 1K 15

    I made this book 2 months ago .... might be shitty ⤵️ @Jaylahluvv made this groupchat & added / ybnnahmir , ybnalmightyjay , ybnglizzy , ybn_manny , forevaShay & ybncordae

  • Beauty✨ ( NBA Youngboy & llil.yass)
    4.6K 151 9

    Yasmeen "Beauty "Carter Yasmeen is just an ordinary innocent girl that's lives in Baton Rouge and everyone adores her, everybody loves her why wouldn't they. Kentrell " NBA youngboy" Gaulden Kentrell is just the ordinary bad boy just tryna make into the music industry and just trying to make a living for him and his...

  • Back At It (ON HOLD)
    51.2K 2.5K 11

    .. Man I swear to God we came a long way, From trapping all night in them hallways

  • Ain't Too Long
    74.7K 2.2K 27

    "Just Give Me A Chance Promise Ima Make You Love Me ' And Me An You Togetha Could Accomplish Mo Den Something. Asking Will I Luh You Baby Dats Out Of Da Question Everyday I Make A Day I Bring It Back You Count It Fa Me"

  • Catfish 3 | Kyle Kuzma
    60.5K 1.8K 33

    ¤Book 3 of 3¤

  • The Boy Next Door 2 | LaMelo Ball
    295K 8.2K 53

    LaMelo looks at me in shock. "What happened, it's not like you to just give up?" LaMelo says. I stay silent. ¤Started: June 22, 2018¤ ¤Finished: July 30, 2018¤

  • perfect ✰ ybn nahmir
    132K 5.2K 38

    completed. "it's like they want me to be perfect, but they don't even know that i'm hurting" - i'll show you, justin bieber

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember Me | D'Angelo Russell
    49K 1.5K 36

    "You promise me you'll remember me when I'm gone?" I laugh a little bit. "How could I forget you D'Angelo?" You made me break all of my rules, I think to myself. Started June 13, 2018 Finished July 10, 2018

  • The Boy Next Door | LaMelo Ball
    464K 11.7K 47

    "I'm LaMelo, but you can call me Melo if you'd like!" "I'm Joslyn, I guess we're neighbors now." I smile at him.

  • All Grown Up ||M 3|| discon.
    84.5K 1.7K 20

    Kailela and LaMelo are back and better than ever. They're in college!!!

  • High School
    21.3K 451 6

    Just read...

  • Wifin' You -Ybn Glizzy ?
    27K 836 29

    " I'm a thug but i got a soft spot for you lul baby" ( lowercase intended so dont come for me) est. may 2018 ©️ Bhadbihhh 2018 All Rights Reserved

  • Desperate For Your Love(YbnGlizzy)
    11.2K 315 12

    What happens when Skylar falls for Glizzy the bad boy read to find out

    303K 8.2K 41

    "we done been through way too much girl just to throw it all away." ✨ down for you 2 ➳ smile. © idfwubruh 2018. all rights reserved.

    676K 17.4K 41

    zion never thought that he would fall in love, until he met kenzie. ✨ started: 041918 ended: 052618 [ down for you © idfwubruh 2018. all rights reserved. ]

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong number ✘ ybn glizzy.
    460K 17.5K 32

    could the wrong number lead to something right?

  • BAD BOY, ❦ ❨ YBN ZION! ❩
    1.6K 138 6

    ❛ I'm a bad influence. A bad boy. ❜ started: 29.07.2018 | all rights reserved. pettyglocks

  • Friends or Lovers? Sequel
    93.7K 2.7K 70


  • bfb • YBN Nahmir
    30.3K 833 10

    Just read lol.💛🤷🏽‍♀️