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  • She is my daughters MOTHER!
    25.6K 1.9K 26

    "Dadda! I want Bhavya Auntys friend as my Mumma!" He thought it as an immature childs immature wish. But as time went by he realised how she has influenced his daughter. He tried seperating little Riya from her but everything went in vain. Seeing his daughters condition worsening he agreed to marry her. "I am marryi...

  • Truth in the Darkness ✔️
    1.7K 194 4

    Romantic Thriler short story on Rikara. a girl threaten to marry a old man.. that man will sell her to other countries.. two repoters who are spy on that man.. IPS officer trying his best to trap that man. what will happen? will they able to trap states most favorite education minister Kali Thakur? to know more.. read...

  • dil tera ashiq
    56.6K 3.6K 30

    raglak story from swara and laksh marriage

  • Kuku❤- main phir bhi tumko chahungi
    14.1K 653 29

    Instead of choosing Kunal, Abir choses Mishti because he knows if he leaves Mishti, he will be hurting the whole family. For Kunal he would be hurting Kunal. Kuhu and Kunal still waiting for divorce 2 months left This story is how Kuhu supports Kunal and Parul during their tough times. Pls don't expect much Mishbir th...

    8.7K 544 33

    Open() Judging () Results (❤️) Awards are always fun.. Right? You dont know whats gonna happen(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ Hey beautiful people , golden awards are for golden people like u all having golden stories with you ! Let's just try out how golden your stories are ! Can they take away hearts of readers! Do your stories have a ch...

  • YOU ,I and OURS
    259K 16.7K 97

    Life is all about giving a second chance. It is not easy for everyone to have a second chance but sometimes you are lucky enough to get one . It just we need a second chance in life because our time wasn't ready for the first one . Join the journey of naksh Singhnia and keerti goneka who gets a second chance in there...

  • YoUr F@th£R (♡COMPLETE♡)
    266K 16K 31

    Her Broken soul and his healer love

  • Traces Of You - RiKara TS
    24.9K 1.2K 5

    Omkara wakes up from coma to find his memories blank about the last few months of his life. Around him the world has changed and he finds himself intrigued by a beautiful yet mysterious woman who the family introduces him as his wife. Is she a fatal mistake or his soul mate in disguise? Cover credits to lucky03m

    99.3K 7K 35

    how about a love story between the college heart throb's friend Omkara and intellectual not so popular Gauri Kumari Sharma

  • ..Always..
    23.4K 2.7K 21

    A random thought on rikara. To know more tap on the read button??.

  • Beauty and beast ft kuku
    8.3K 579 26

    this will be an story where two opposite person will get married due to some reasons... they totally hate each other.... will their misunderstandings get solved.... will their hate be converted into love...

  • Kuku Moving On
    13K 608 18

    Hii guys myself shruti I am a big fan of kuhu and kunal but as you know the current surrogacy track has messed kuhu's character so I am writing this small story . If anyone who don't like kuhu character please don't read it because you will not like it.

  • Made for each other ft kuku
    40.4K 1.8K 50

    kuku ff

  • You & me were mean to be ff kuku
    16K 761 25

    on mishbir wedding kuku get divorced and in accident kuhu losses her 3 year memory kunal become silent and hardworking kuhu joins meheshwari industries and for a deal kuhu goes to kutch and for same deal her ladaku chokro is coming to kutch let see will our hashtag queen will get her ladaku chokro • only ritvik a...

  • vivaah (On Hold )
    15.1K 1.7K 22

    It's destiny who brings them together and bound them into a marriage...wanna know more?...for that you have to click on read option 😛

    66.5K 3K 48

    He didn't talk with her He didn't walk with her He didn't hug her He didn't kiss her That never meant He didn't love her.

  • Jealousy Or Possessiveness? Ft. KuKu
    14.8K 549 12

    So guys I always wanted to see Kunal Jealous. But I couldn't see possessive Kunal Rajvansh on-screen so thought of writing it myself. Since you all know that Ritvik has been replaced but in my story Kunal Rajvansh will be Ritvik Arora because only he can potray the character with sincerity.

  • RiKara SS Fall For You
    20.7K 877 13

    After Om saves Gauri from Marrying Ajay they both decided to give their marriage a new chance. They renew their Wedding Vows in front of the Family in friends not realizing that Danger will always follow them. Also included some beautiful Ruvya and Shivika Moments. Some AniKara, AniRi, ShivRi, ShivOmRu Moments but ma...

  • Rikara : If It Was Not For Love (SS)(Completed)
    11.9K 1.1K 13

    Love is good. It is all fairytale. But when it takes uneventful becomes fatal.

  • My Tomboy Girlfriend
    337K 24.3K 74

    Cover Credits to @luckykr13 Omkara Singh Oberoi, The youngest CEO of Oberoi Industries at the age of 26 and the most eligible bachelor, every maiden dreams about but he hates women with a passion and can't even tolerate their presence near him. On the other hand Gauri Sharma, A cute and bubbly Tomboyish 19 year old g...

  • Indian Fandom Awards
    8.9K 278 20

    Hey guys, I am here with very first Indian Fandom Awards. Here there are many fandoms for which you can participate and you can even nominate books. There will be both voting and judging for books. If you don't win in judging, you can win in voting and if you don't win in voting you can win in judging round. Everyone...

  • The Lawbreaker's love (Completed✅)
    16.8K 1K 8

    Omkara singh oberoi belongs to the renowned family of Oberois in Bareily. He is calm cool sensible when he is with family but cold and ruthless to his enemies . He believes in self-justice and doesn't hesitate to break the law or pull the trigger when people stand in his way. Gauri kumari Sharma is a simple, sweet a...

  • Rikara - FF - Book | ✓
    139K 11.4K 88

    This book will contain the Rikara version of my stories. 1. Valentine SweetHearts 2. Devil's Desires 3. Lawyer @ Love 4. Be My Forever (All Completed)

    Completed   Mature
  • Mumkin ✔
    31.2K 1.3K 21

    Raman Kumar Bhalla standing on the stage and reporters asked how he able to get immense success in such a short time of one and a half year... Raman: because in my dictionary there is no word of IMPOSSIBLE... EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU WANT...thanks.. and he leaves... Mihir: you need to go back dehli... your two ye...

  • Back To Life ✔
    145K 5.5K 38

    The leap, and meeting her brings about a feeling of loss in Raman, a second time! The thought of her alive made him feel betrayed and the other man's presence in her life misted his eyes with jealousy. Does he want her back? He should figure it out himself... But he did stop her from leaving him once again; still str...

  • Always & Forever
    23.2K 1.9K 15

    Single parent falling in love with his daughter's kindergarten teacher. Will they get chance to create their future together with a cute angel? Let's see how their destiny plays the game

  • To Be With You Forever ✓
    310K 15.7K 59

    Arjun Devanand is rude , arrogant and heartless. When it comes to his daughter ,who means this whole world to him , he's a bit softer. He had lost his hope's when he lost his wife. After years...he meets Aarohi. The girl who changes his life.

  • Where Am I in his life?
    21K 877 16

    The story runs on the same track as of the show. Kunal and Kuhu got married once again but Kunal has not yet confessed that he loves Kuhu. Kunal is not a expressive person but Kuhu expects kunal expresses his feelings. All she wishes is that Kunal talks to her about them and not others. She can see importance of ever...

  • In A Heartbeat | ✓
    607K 46.2K 50

    [Contains Mature Scenes] Sometimes we do things in the spur of the moment. No thought put into it, whatsoever! Started : 24th Feb, 2020. Completed : 19th April, 2020. Editing : May 2022 - July 2022.

    Completed   Mature
    54.7K 2.9K 18

    What's in Store for Gauri Kumari Sharma, an orphan who gave her heart to Omkara Singh Oberoi who belongs to a rich family.Will Omkara love Gauri back or not?