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  • Mojyo Memoirs
    552 8 5

    Several one-shots starring everyone's favorite Mojyo: Tomoko Kuroki!

  • Tomoko: Unauthorized Adaptation of the Manga WataMote
    585 24 6

    Not original stories, and not exactly fanfiction, but a prose adaptation of the innovative manga by Nico Tanigawa. This is a story about an unpopular girl, and the things that happened to her that were ultimately of little consequence. That is to say, she did not become a hero that saved the world, a haunted gi...

  • WataMote fanfiction: SOLO
    3.2K 59 6

    Presenting Nico Tanigawa's high school loner, Tomoko Kuroki. For a primer or refresher of all things WataMote, watch it (legally) for free on Crunchy Roll, or read my own adaptation of the manga, Tomoko. These are not meant to be what-if or alternate reality stories, but rather attempts to supplement her actual world...