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  • i saw colours
    58.7K 6K 50

    a collection of my thoughts and feelings scribbled into words. *daily updates* #4 in poem #21 in poetry

  • Into the Deep
    718K 32.9K 197

    Let this book submerge you with heartaches, drown you with traces of the past, flood you with self-wonders, wash you with waves of healing, immerse you with romance, and fill you up with colors, but only if you dive into this ocean of poetry and let every word take you into the deep.

  • "I Am Not Sad"
    2.2K 187 1

    Poem about depression.

  • -from the flowers of my mind
    19 3 1

    a rip off of milk and honey by rupi kaur which i highly recommend.🌱✨

  • 2:10
    128K 6.9K 86

    2 sentences. 10 words. 1 story.

  • creating constellations
    904K 76.5K 190

    an abundance of space metaphors and you. #1 in poetry 6/7/16