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  • ~Forced Marriage~BTS Suga/Yoongi FF |Yoongi X Reader.|
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    "But mom why!?!?!? I hate him!!!" "I know, but It's for business Y/N..." Getting married at the age of 16...what could be worse...well...what's worse is getting married to the guy that has been bullying you for the past 9 years. Hi, I'm Y/N, I'm 16, I'm still is High school. Just with my luck, HE has to transfer to th...

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  • SugaR Daddy |M.YG| |EDITING|
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    [COMPLETED!] [SEQUEL OUT!] Y/n found her boyfriend Jimin cheating on her with her childhood friend Jennie. Y/n went to her step sister and got advice to go to a advisor. You go to the advisor who helps you make Jimin jealous. You and the advisor make everything seem real or is it real? Will you fall for him? Will he...

  • Claim || Yoongi X Reader
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    For generations, Y/N's family has served as a blood bank to the centuries-old household of seven vampires. Yoongi has never once wanted to bond with this family, as he had no desire to further dabble in their frail lives. When a certain little girl comes along down the family line, though, who shares his affinity for...