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  • Tips To Wizarding. A Guide To Magic The Gathering.
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    Hi guys. This is going to be a series of long writings about Magic the gathering. If you havent played it, hopefully you will want to after this. If you already play, i hope to enlighten you some with my knowledge of the game. And on the offchance, if someone reads this and works at Wizards, maybe on Magic, hopefully...

  • How to Become a Better Writer: A Wattpad Guide
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    Some basic writing tips to help you become a more effective storyteller.

  • How to Write Stories People Will Love
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    If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how to stay motivated. There's no magical formula for instantly likable stories, but you can lay a strong foundation for a future full of writing that fu...