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  • The Evergreen Book Club (CLOSED to new members)
    15.2K 774 29

    CLOSED to new members (will reopen soon) A permanent pairing book club aiming to get your whole book reviewed by a partner.

  • Flowers Book Club V2
    12.7K 686 33

    (Open) Welcome to the second version of flowers book club! Take a look at what we offer.

  • Delightfully Bookmarked
    1.3K 145 10

    | 📌 hiring for book club inside 📌 | Ever asked yourself what's the difference between reads and readers? It's time to invest in your readers and make some friends along the way! Bookmarked is our very own book club where we interact amongst fellow wattpaders. It's time to gain new friends, tips on how to improve, a...

    11.6K 610 24

    |HIGHEST RATINGS: #1 COMMUNITY, #1 WRITING , #1 READERS, #1 CRITIQUE , #2 TIPS, #2 IDEAS, #1 REVIEWS DATE : 17-11-19| #1 GRAMMAR |08-12-19| #1 BOOKCLUB |29-12-19| #1 IDEAS |22-03-20| Hey! Welcome to the Bubblegum Bookclub! •••• If you're interested in joining a book club and community interested in helping a...

  • Honey & Biscuit Book Club (OPEN)
    9.2K 437 12

    Welcome to Honey and Biscuits Book Club! This club is to help fellow writers such as yourselves; gain more comments, votes, on your book! This club doesn't just help with gaining more attention, but to help to improve your writing skills, gain more readers as well as honest feedback. Welcome, and I hope you decide to...

  • The Broken Hearts Writing Club (BHWC)
    1.3K 182 23

    Hello, beautiful minded artist!!! This is the Broken Hearts Writing Club! Where we come together to write and create! (Also a place to discuss life if you need help, support, and/or guidance! XD <3) This is a place to help promote each other's stories (read/votes), bring positive criticism, comfort & support for unde...