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  • Gladiator of Rome (#1 in Gladiator Series)
    1.8M 68.2K 38

    Rome's hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The passion for novelty in the arena has given rise to a range of warriors but none quite like Krista; sole survivor of her family's brutal murder, Krista is now the property of Commander Niclaus and is sent to train and fight in the arena for his pleasu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Post Olympic
    299K 9.9K 72

    "You, Fenrir Von Albrecht, are an aphrodisiac, and I like it." I kiss him again. "I like it too much." --------- Nico is the Regina Wolves' newest coach. She's an ex-Olympic, ex-homeless, hometown hero, and now she's coaching the worst team in the NHL, and getting somewhere with them. Fenrir is just her starting cen...

  • Plié and Clout
    1.2M 25.6K 77

    Pro hockey and girls go together. He hates that. Stephan Sagamore doesn't quite know how he got here: standing in front of a small ballet studio, one of the best defensemen in the NHL, crushing on the girl that teaches his sister how to dance. But if there's one thing that she can't know about him, it's what he does f...

  • The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks
    3.3M 122K 68

    🥇 Highest Rankings: #1 Action #1 Chicklit #1 Mystery #1 Teen Fiction #1 Thriller 2018 Watty's Long List 🥀 Trigger Warning/Sexual Assault ⚠️Mature Sexual Content/Language R 🔞 •The Tattooed Devil Wears Chucks• Gabby Brooks seemed to be a normal 18-year-old girl growing up on the edge of an Iowa lake. She enjoyed be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Always, Ireland
    702K 29.7K 40

    Annie Jacobs travels to Ireland for one final college assignment. All is going well until she accidentally insults one of the biggest musicians on the planet - Travis Sparks. One thing leads to another and...what happens in Ireland must stay in Ireland... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Guardian of Rome (#2 in Gladiator Series)
    692K 33.1K 51

    She defied an empire. * * * * Five months after Krista and her band of gladiators delivered a swift and humiliating defeat to the Roman army, Krista has become the leader of a slave rebellion that travels across Rome, freeing slaves from their chains and killing their masters. Their numbers are growing vast as people...

  • Weirdo ✔️
    784K 31.2K 40

    "Normal is mad lame, so ima just be a weirdo." - Daleyzia A. Thomas The hilarious stories of 4 highschool friends. 🔥

    Completed   Mature
  • How to save a Bad Boy✔️
    3.3M 65K 20

    "I need your help." He was obviously drunk, and I was obviously confused. "What the fu-" Mason pushed a hand to my mouth. "Shhh," he shushed me loudly, "someone's gonna hear us, Maddy." He could not be serious. ••• A drunken boy sneaking into Morgan Collins' room was all it took for her life to turn around. Now s...

  • Stolen Jerseys / ✓
    12.8M 367K 44

    [Now free to read!] Scott Wilson isn't used to being corrected, and he definitely didn't expect to get his biggest dose of criticism by his coach's daughter - Elle Monroe. ***** When Scott Wilson is drafted to try out for the Marlies hockey team, it's easily the best day of his life. He's cocky and for good reason. H...

  • Snow and her Seven
    438K 21.8K 31

    Snow Black is a girl built from irony. White hair, black eyes and the palest skin from her albino father, she stands out whether she likes it or not. Far from her fairy tale counterpart- Snow is the frostiest person at her high school, with a blizzard of emotion and anger inside, stemming from more than just a magic...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Awakening
    316K 14.3K 34

    || Ranked 6 in Fantasy as of 05/03/2016 || ~*~ In a prospering world shrouded in darkness; hope smothered like the snuffing of a flickering flame, one woman rises from the ashes of the grounds to defeat all odds. And unbeknownst to all, that she would leave behind...

  • Over My Dead Body - Up to 50% off for a limited time!
    37.8M 1.1M 68

    Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ****** Wattpad Originals 5th Anniversary Event: Unl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Troubled little youth. Old version.
    7.2M 247K 51

    This is an old version. I am slowly rewriting this. Please wait to read that one. It'll have some of the same chapter outlines but way better writing. It'll also have more characters and hopefully be more in depth as well as be longer and have a different ending. He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psy...

  • Daisy
    3M 127K 72

    Daisy wasn't your average girl. She was a trained killer. Give her a target and she could come up with multiple ways to end the target's life. After a failed escape attempt from the world she grew up in she has to get used to being back to the world of training, guns and death. Throw in a boy or two that both drive...

    Completed   Mature
  • NORMAL PEOPLE {Under Construction }
    1.8K 412 35

    Slow down Take a deep breath Look at your hands and your skin Feel how soft and how warm And very much your own Look at the things around you look at the shadow And wonder as far back as u can what happened to get you to this exact moment

  • The Moral Spectrum
    2.3K 435 12

    sin. justice. crime. chaos. all in the name of the moral spectrum. (are you good or bad?) Copyright © 2016 by @theperfectphoenix. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechan...

  • Malevolent Attraction | ✓
    59.7K 4.3K 13

    IN WHICH HE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE WRONG ONE. [Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns] all rights reserved 2017 LeiLani Lopez {Highest ranking:: #41//shortstory}