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  • Elements - Schatten Saga | pausiert
    6.1K 66 2

    WIRD ÜBERARBEITET ~*~ „Ich ließ die Flamme über meinen Arm kriechen und schloss die Augen. Das Feuer drängte mich, mich ihm ganz zu öffnen und ich ließ es zu." Elyza Wilson ist eine Elementebändigerin - die erste und einzige in der Geschichte der Menschheit. Als sie von der Direktorin der Wiltshire Akademie, einer Sch...

  • The Darkest Light
    340 45 4

    War. Kill or be killed. It was a consent battle, of blood and gore between two clans of the North. Not only are people losing loved ones, they are losing themselves. When a Mashfa warrior finds her brother's body lying dead in a trench, alongside an enemy of her clan. She finds herself in need to fight for both her b...

  • The Darkness Within ~ A Superhero Novel
    1.2K 244 21

    Aliyah Evans works at the neighborhood coffee shop and goes to the local college, living a simple life while trying to juggle her job, her education, and her mother's hospital bills. But her world gets shaken to its core when the new superhero Scintilla comes to town and reminds her of a past she'd rather forget. Pair...

  • The Cursed People
    61.4K 7.7K 57

    [Curse Darking #1] After the Blood War, Ronan Acworth couldn't believe he survived the bloody combat. Nagising siya sa isang lumang karwahe na nagdala sa kanya sa lugar kung saan siya nababagay. A sanctuary, a home for cursed people. He noticed a strange mark in his right wrist. Ang ipinagtataka niya kung bakit siya n...

  • Billionaire's Lovely Assistant
    493K 17.6K 49

    [COMPLETED]slowly editing---- (second) Cover done by: -starless ☆★☆Michaelis Series #1☆★☆ He pointed a gun at me. "I don't need your help! You criminal!" I sigh. "So, you were thinking about killing me with an unloaded gun?" I smirked. "How did you know my gun was unloaded?" "Your face expression shows it all." "Who t...

  • Destiny Rising | Harry Potter x Merlin
    716 38 3

    [A Harry Potter and BBC Merlin Crossover] Chaos was left in the wake of the Battle of Camlann. King Arthur was dead, and Merlin was left knowing that he failed his destiny. Though told that Arthur would return when the world needed him most, Merlin knew that it wouldn't be enough. Whatever darkness was coming, they co...

  • Variant (on pause)
    2.3K 176 22

    Variant: a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard A Variant is someone who has a certain ability. This ability always falls into two different categories: elemental or physical. Ava discovers that she is a Variant, but her power doesn't fall int...

  • Children of the Gamma
    448 59 22

    【 573 A.D. (Anno Draco - in the year of the dragon) 】 【 Five hundred sixty-two years since the beasts crawled from the earth in 1811. 】 As heir to the Upkeeper of Solada (once the sprawling land of America), 17-year-old Cecil has plans to make amends to the nation, specifically aiding the Azurdins, the centuries-oppr...

  • The Felon Mark (Filipino Dystopian Novel)
    90.8K 5.8K 65

    First Novel of The Watty Awards 2019 Winner, Living Pawns. Highest Rank: #2 in Science Fiction |COMPLETED| Limang Marka: Elite, Independent, Trooper, Slave, at ang Felon Mark. Mga Markang kumakatawan at nagbubukod sa buong populasyon ng bansang Circa na minsang tinawag na Pilipinas. Taon-taon ay isang malaking kaganap...

    Completed   Mature
  • Am I Invisible?
    30 5 2

    Snowy Prescott wakes up to a dream she had about being invisible. Her enemy, Jenna, casts a spell that makes Snowy invisible. But is she really invisible? ***************** FUN FACT: I wrote this in 5th grade Cover made by the wonderful @-starless All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, di...

  • Chess Island ♟
    1.5K 135 15

    ❝If you hear any sinister chanting, the appropriate response is to run and call for help.❞ Eight people receive an invitation from "an old friend" and are sent to Chess Island where the old friend resides. But, they're all in for a deadly surprise. «» A murder myster...

  • King of the Woodlands
    127K 9K 41

    *GOING THROUGH RE-WRITING* "They say the Woodland King's voice makes the rivers flow fast, and his claws could shred men into ribbons of flesh and bone." Every one hundred years, the feared Woodland King captures an unfortunate human from the kingdom of Llewellenar to serve him until their death. When twelve-year-old...

  • Star-Crossed (Lotor x reader)
    52.9K 1.7K 22

    This is a tale about Prince Lotor and Princess Y/N falling in love with each other despite being on different sides of the war. A couple defying their fate just to be together. Update day(s): Friday/Saturday/Sunday (Depending on family matters and school) All characters belong to their lawful owners. Credits to @-st...

  • All Hail Freya
    36 1 6

    I stared at death walking down the desolate street. The shadows devouring his sillohet within seconds.I picked up the piece of paper from the floor, using the hand that was not singed by the deal. "Now to find out why such an ordinary and boring human girl would evoke such pathetic desperation from the reaper himself...

  • 𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐒 | Book #1
    77 1 1

    In the old days, people were born with power affiliated with the god of life or the death goddess. Now, ashes magic - the magic affiliated with the goddess of death, is illegal. For the past forty years in Kozvan, any individual that was to be found practicing this kind of magic has been executed on the spot not long...

  • Star Dust
    1.6K 283 13

    Behind the people of Earth's back, a world once filled with light and joy, has become a war zone of darkness and death. Death's fingers seem to cradle the world, each trace leaning behind a curse that consumes the weak...and the strong. In order to finish this war that has been going on for centuries, five people from...

  • Wild Encounter
    802 52 6

    The moment she steps on the office of the CEO, her steps froze as the CEO looked at her and smile sweetly and his mouth opened, "Hey mom". RoséKook AU Amazing book cover by -starless

  • The Seasons of Sissera
    1.3K 150 21

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, the seasons flow by nipping at each other's heels while time runs out of the hourglass of destiny. Four seasons, five races, and one fate. A vagabond destined to be a dead king, a pair of lovers separated by prejudice, an old woman who speaks of future though she lives in the past, and tw...

  • Paralleled
    49 10 5

    It isn't a normal dream. It isn't a normal nightmare. Because when you wake up, you're no-longer in the world that you're familiar with. Twins Zaria and Wren get whisked into a parallel world where automatically they bump into danger and are threatened at every corner. When a mysterious boy saves Zaria from the grip...

  • The Broken Path
    4.1K 1.1K 24

    Taliyah Violet Young, a seventeen-year old girl who wants a serious, happy, and a complete meaningful life but fate wasn't in her favor. Lumaki siyang walang ama at nasa kustodiya siya ng kanyang ama-amahan na pangatlong asawa na ng kanyang ina. Every time she went home from school, she'll meeting her stepfather drun...

  • City of Bridges
    1.6K 338 24

    In the city of Corregal, sword fighting is a way of life - unless you're a girl. While young men compete for prestigious positions within the ruling Houses, young women have to rely on others to protect them from the dangers lurking in the streets. Neda decides to break tradition and learn to fight, but her secret le...

  • MOLON LABE | THOR ODINSON (slow updates)
    319 57 6

    THOR ODINSON [ stand alone novella] [ part of the 'of gods and legends' series ] she was born in flames and would die surrounded by them. never having loved anyone but him, and him alone. started: o6.28.19 published: o3.18.2o ended: tba cover by -starless

  • The Druid From Silla
    32 7 1

    After accidentally killing the Aspect of Nature, a young druid from the Silla Dynasty is cursed to roam the Earth until a new Aspect of Nature comes of age and slays him. Cover by @-starless