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  • BONE TO PICK WITH [BNHA x UF Male Reader] ( On Hold )
    254K 5.1K 39

    In the whole Multiverse one of the Universe has a world where 80% of the population are Female who have powers that are called Quirks while the 20% of the population are Male who have no powers or quirks, What will happen if someone from another Universe appeared ? Instead of Quirk he has Magic ... Y/n the Skeleton s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only One | Male Reader x BNHA [REWRITING]
    85.7K 1.4K 13

    In a world of Boku No Hero Academia, 80% of the female population has a power or ability called a quirk while the 20% of the female population does not have one... But what about the male population you may ask? Well, they are treated as to what seems to be less than human. What happens if our protagonist, Y/n attempt...

  • [HITAS] firey heart of a hero Fem-katsuki X Male Reader
    481K 7.7K 39

    y/n was born with a very powerful and dangerous quirk and try to keep his emotions in check

  • The Smoke Hero (My Hero Academia X Male Reader)
    944K 12.8K 57

    A young boy is considered a delinquent in school, not following rules, getting into fights and as teachers believe he has no future. But what happens when he decided to go U.A. High School just because his friend begged him to go and when his mother finds out. What dangers lie ahead for the boy and what adventures the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Owl House x Male Reader (Luz and Amity)
    199K 5K 25

    You have lived near the Boiling Isles for quite a long time. You are what the people in this world call a "rare species". You are a Nature Walker. You have two forms. You have your animal form as a wolf and fox hybrid. Then you have your human form where you are the right height for your age (15) and you have wolf ear...

  • Reincarnated Gamer! (Male Gamer Reader x Highschool DxD)
    2.3M 30.4K 49

    A young man died. He got reincarnated by the Supreme God and now he needs to help save the universe! Nothing's mine besides the Story, I guess.

  • Someone Special (Male Reader x SCP-166)
    397K 6.1K 17

    (This story was written before SCP-166's File was changed on the website) SCP-166 (The Teenage Succubus): SCP-166 appears to be a female human in her mid to late teens, of average height and slender build. Medical and physiological analysis indicates several deviations from baseline human norms, including accelerated...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Trust You (Loona x shy M! reader)
    159K 1.4K 11

    Loona. The fierce hellhound you met at your new place of work: I.M.P. Today, you have finally gathered the courage to ask her out. However, you did not expect the result she gave you. Or, perhaps, you did. cover art was made by ME #6 in furry (12/8) - credit to all artists featured. - I own nothing.

  • Love Ignited- (Loona(helluva boss) x Male! Reader fanfic)
    324K 4.9K 26

    Y/N is a regular 17-year old boy who goes to high-school and hangs out with friends, life is pretty normal for him until he gets a bullet in the left side of his brain. The next time he wakes up, he seems to be on a hospital bed, only to find out that he's not in a hospital, but in Hell. How he knows this is thanks to...

    Completed   Mature
  • ||Hiatus|| Big Hero 6 x Venom!Male!Reader
    53.9K 710 5

    Your parents forced you to move to San Frasoskyo, where you will be attending the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. They didn't want you to stay with them any longer. So you went on your way. On the bus trip, a criminal stopped you and tried to hijack the bus. One threatens to kill a little girl. You had it up to...

  • Mortal Kombat Harem X Male Reader
    220K 2.3K 20

    in the realms of mortal Kombat there is a tournament which is held once every 50 years but one tournament will have drastic changes with the introduction of a new tournament fighter named Y/N

  • Sona's Intern (Sona X Male)
    157K 3K 33

    Lady Sona Sitri has recruited another pawn for the student council and her House. With Saji the important pawn, and Sona and Tsubaki loaded with work devil and school related it's time for (FN) who's basically like an intern to help out. But what happens if he starts to slowly have feelings for his Master and her sist...

  • Aura's TNA (Rias X Male X Akeno)
    149K 1.9K 14

    I think many that have read my Rias, Akeno, and last junior harem Two From The Board know where this is going. Except this isn't Loli City. This is Oppai Town. The orphan wielding Aura's Storm is liked by both women. But how are they going to win him over while they compete still being best friends? I do not own the...

    Completed   Mature
  • No More Sympathy (Abused Male X RWBY) {UNDER EDITING}
    222K 3K 29

    (Y/N) (L/N) was the adopted son of Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose. He was loved, cherished, and well trained until Summer one day didn't come back from a mission. Since then you've become the punching bag of the family. Eventually you leave them behind, being forced to survive on your own. That is until you run int...

  • Tank Harem X Male Reader
    201K 2.2K 23

    (Y/N), a tank otaku who found a dimension of tanks by accident. Although the tanks that live in that dimension aren't ordinary tanks but tanks that turn into girls...

  • Snow Bunny (Mizore X Reader)
    228K 4.6K 60

    Mizore the Snow Woman or Fairy is quite a favorable character. She's a stalker, clingy, cold but she is sweet, caring, and affectionate. With Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore fighting over Tsukune for so long something had to give. In year two Moka still had the upper hand on the others. Especially the way they gaze...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tragedy (Mero X Reader)
    47.5K 959 17

    With the man of the Monster household Kimahito needing help his friend (FN) who just got kicked out of his house is staying with him. So many bad events had happened, Mero finds it attractive. But he's respectful to the rules. But could (FN) survive with the Monster girls and get back on his feet? I do not own Monste...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Thorn Rose [Rwby x Male Reader]
    382K 4.4K 35

    Y/n Was A Little Boy Who was Thrown away From His Family In The street but then Summer Rose found him and Took him in to her Family, Y/n Thought it will be nice to finally have a family again but He Thought Wrong Summer, Tai, Yang, Raven will always Abused Him and Ruby and Qrow will always take care of him, Y/n has en...

  • Strength through emotion (RWBY x Male Reader volume 2)
    77.1K 1.6K 14

    Defeating Melissa didn't come without a price. (Y/N) has suffered a handicap that could potentially kill his future career, but have no fear, for his friends are here to guide him all the way there. (Y/N) is all about fun and excitement, however, for the first time in his life, he would need to put the fun away for so...

  • Two From The Board (Akeno X Male X Koneko)
    128K 1.6K 14

    Just to clear things up with my regular readers Koneko will get her own story. I promise. I have a great concept to wrap around the whole thing. This is one of my first requests from Jason12346. Now I'm not sure how good this will turn out for a long story but always go off fan base. Koneko has a cute crush on this f...

    Completed   Mature
  • White Ears (Koneko X Reader)
    307K 5.3K 43

    My most requested story. Koneko for the longest time has hidden who she truly is. She's a Nekomata. Scared to unleash her real strength when she was powerful to begin with. With family drama and her past behind her she meets her Master's new piece. Not knowing that he himself just like her has a crazy past, bad famil...

  • Untouchable (Fairy Tail x Male Reader Volume 1)
    152K 2.7K 14

    Fairy Tail is known as the number one guild in both popularity and power, however, not everyone seems to know exactly who they are. Adventures can be quite dangerous, but at the same time, they're able to help most people discover their purpose in this world. Watch as a young man who escapes from death one too many ti...

  • Fun times ahead! (RWBY x Male Reader volume 1)
    151K 2.6K 15

    In the world of Remnant, there are hunters, huntsmen, huntresses, whatever you wish to call them. Their goal in their occupation is to keep the peace in the four kingdoms while growing in strength and skill... But what if there was one boy, who decided he just wanted to be a hunter for fun? Follow (Y/N) on his journey...

  • I Mean Disrespect : ( RWBY ) Harem x A**hole Male Reader
    309K 4.7K 29

    One super cocky and badass teenager headed for Beacon. However, he will have to endure a crappy life before the fun stuff happens. Join (Y/n) on his journey to kick ass and kick ass. How will he interact with everyone? Find out. Rating: 13+ mostly, but many stuff is 17+ READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I DO NOT OWN RWBY OR ANY...

  • Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm male reader)
    225K 2.4K 13

    After being abandoned by his parents left to be torn to shreds by grimm he is instead treated as one of there own and will grow up to be one of the toughest monsters ever. at least that's what people think of him.*Warning: lemons* - amazing cover done by thelittlenovel

  • Female dead by daylight killers X male reader
    529K 5.2K 16

    Left alone with several killers that are in love with him how will one deal with this. (there will most likely be lemons)

  • A promise to be better- Winter X male reader
    40.6K 550 7

    Y/n Ironwood, son of the genius weapons inventor Anthony Ironwood, made a promise to himself, a promise to be better than he was, to ensure no one else would ever die because he couldn't save them! Now the owner of Iron tech, a company who build weapons for the atlas military including their robotics program, Y/n is d...

  • Ghost rider/assassin's screed male reader X Teen Titans.
    26.5K 407 4

    Info in book, chapter 1.

  • Lingyin Huang X Male Reader (Infinite Stratos Story)
    44K 937 21

    This story is about Rin. My friend Relentlezz41 wanted to do a challenge with me and I accepted it. We do have rules set in place for this contest.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Galaxy dragon, blue dragon emperor
    1M 13.4K 73

    (y/n) was orphaned until he was 10 years old he was adopted by the hyoudou family and living a happy life. but something within him was about to awaken a hidden power that was sealed and a sacred gear of the 3rd heavenly dragon that could rival the dragon gods. your name: (y/n) hair color: (h/c) eye color: (e/c) This...

    Completed   Mature