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  • The Cannibal and The Mute | Eyeless Jack x Mute! Male! Reader
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    (M/N). A young boy who is unable to speak. Not able to make a sound. To make up for it he has amazing art skills. His parents hated it. They didn't want to pay for lessons to speak.They wanted a child who could talk. Not someone who "waists their time on childish things like drawing." They didn't want to have this...

  • Perfect
    75.8K 1.4K 23

    A story in which you are BTS Yoongi's sister. You are also a kpop star. You are the main rapper and a singer and leader, for blackpink. You also struggle with anorexia and depression. You are breaking slowly. Can they save you before you become nothing.

  • The Silent Makane (BTS Fanfiction)
    123K 3.1K 33

    The rookie group 'L1VE L1FE' is a trio group recently debuted from BigHit Ent. and they feature a young man with an odd persona. Pak Jimi, an 18 year old American trainee that only sings in videos and at concerts, other than that, he doesn't say a word. Not only does Pak Jimi say anything, he also dons a stoic, blank...

  • Shall we dance ? ( BTS x Idol Reader )
    70.3K 1.2K 19

    you're known as the diamond maknae from the girl group MEMO, what happens when you collaborate with your favourite group and dark secrets get revealed?

    48.4K 677 9

    "Yah! V give me back My Gucci!" "Yah?" " ......"

  • Instagram//Na Jaemin NCT Dream ff
    165K 3.2K 52

    When NCT Dream's Jaemin takes interest in a famous Instagram model Started-April 14, 2018 Ended- June 21, 2019 Ongoing( ) On hold ( ) Ended (✔️)

  • 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦/𝐥𝐞𝐞 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐜𝐤✔️
    166K 5.2K 53

    "you'rE 2 StFu dONGhYucK" in which a boy falls in love with a girl he met through instagram a lee donghyuck fanfiction ©chqnhee [COMPLETE]

  • Instagram || Taeyong
    12.1K 499 26

    It's all started here in Instagram... And our love story start now~~~ I am new in writing so, please bear with me❣️

  • Serendipity || Donghyuck x reader
    21K 376 47

    another Instagram AU started: 1/21/19 ended: 10/24/19

  • The 8th Member (BTS ff)
    61K 1.5K 13

    For my readers! A boy that is hot,cute,caring, and sometimes sleeply, And that all girls love. You were a trainee for 5 years. One day you get called to the office. But they gave you surprising news. You were put in a group called.....BTS. Your the 8th member. But this group has been together some time now. Will ARMYs...

  • Almost Copies Love {Lookism fanfiction & Vasco Love story~} (On Hold)
    24.9K 1K 13

    [Cover made by lillyre] [If you are reading this in other websites besides wattpad, please know that you are at risk of being attack by a virus-like thing. For more info, please go to Xx_ScopioRocks_xX. And go to a book with the word 'Awareness'. You have been warned.] This is the story about a Japanese girl who trans...

  • A New Group is in Session
    55.8K 1K 32

    Another kpop group is born under BigHit Entertainment with the name HExx! In this group is Minho, Jonghyun, Jaehyun, Taemin, and Minzy (the only girl). Let's see what this group will bring to the table in the Kpop industry with their INFINITES (fans). LET'S INTRODUCE HExx! Credit to @harrrin_ for making the new cover!

  • Her Story ( EXO and BTS FF)
    32.8K 850 22

    Kim Sojin, a girl who have a sad and abusive life. Her Mother died when she gave birth to her and her Father left the family after she was born, the only blood-related she has is her 7 brothers who gives no fuck about her. Her school life is horrible. Being bullied and being beaten up by girls and boys every school da...

  • Korea's Kpop Princess (kpop FF)
    121K 2.5K 25

    Lee Jae hwa is a former SM rookie. Something happens that causes her to be kicked out of SM ENT but that didn't stop her from becoming an idol. SM also didn't know she had many secrets she was hiding. Her sister is Lee Ji eun aka IU and her brother is Lee Min ho the actor. SM also didn't know her parents own huge comp...

  • instagram | bts. au ✔️
    310K 7.5K 131

    @junghope, part of a very iconic rap duo, BTS, alongside with @minsuga. @leeyoori, a model who's bff's with a famous actor @kimtaehyung, who pushes her to have a boyfriend *cough* @junghope *cough* @gcfjungkook, a photographer who's in deniably in love with @kimtaehyung, but his ass of a best friend, (who's in love w...

    85.2K 1.7K 17

    Meet Park Hyerin, member of the most popular co-ed group, BTS, who together are crackheads both onstage and behind cameras. Includes one-shots, text chats, and scenarios; currently taking requests. ↳ Warning: May cause feels from all the cute moments between the members. © violetardour

  • Wanna One Smuts/Oneshots (ON HOLD FOR A BIT)
    160K 1.1K 21

    Exactly what the title says 😏 REQUESTS OPEN!

  • BTS Reactions
    1M 21.6K 107

    A few gender-neutral reactions to different life situations of our cute and dorky bulletproof boys. Keep your minds clean, ARMYs. This is a real mess at this point, it's not even reactions or scenarios anymore???

  • Jay park // Oneshots and Imagines
    219K 4K 20

    Imagines ab the man who's fine like wine

  • The Miracle Change (Lookism x Female Insert)
    20.7K 828 14

    A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner boy... And his adopted sister. Belle was childhood friends with Daniel. Then, at the age of 6, her parents died. They were in an airplane, and someone had put bombs on the plane. She was adopted by Daniels mom shortly after. She was so happy that Daniel would be h...

    212K 3.9K 34


  • Littlespace [COMPLETED]
    439K 9.2K 31

    Littlespace with BTS. Cool. Okay. You can go read it now. [Completed: June 14, 2019]

  • [✓] An Idol is my Sasaeng?! 2 | Min Yoongi
    409K 17.3K 60

    [THIS IS A SEQUEL] After escaping from your crazy stalker, you lived in peace with your friend for several months until you recieve a certain letter. It seems like you've overlooked something... 'Found you <3' ________________________________________________ Warning: May contain strong language and mature content ____...

    Completed   Mature
  • Instagram (Jungkook x male!reader)
    190K 5.3K 48

    when bts notice a boy on instagram but one of the boys fell in love with him. Vote on my book or not I don't care you do you April 21,2018-#678 Teen Fiction April 24, 2018-#672 Teen Fiction April 28,2018-#626 Teen Fiction May 1,2018 #506 Teen Fiction May 2, 2018-#310 Teen Fiction May 4, 2018-#246 Tenn Fiction May 8, 2...

  • Social Media Star
    34.8K 835 13

    In which BTS finds Y/N's social media and begins to fall for him. Start: 2018 (day/month unknown) End: TBD

  • ▪️4:00am▪ ️(Namjoon x Male!Reader)
    31.2K 1.3K 12

    ❝Time has a wonderful way of showing us what's important.❞ Namjoon finds himself in absolute shit at 4:00am and Y/N is the only one that happens to be there. @rochelle

  • Blood Sweat & Tears (Jungkook x male reader)
    25.8K 584 28

    A boy who just became the newest BTS member who is younger than V but older than kookie. Finds a new path and has an early start to adulthood once he turns 18(USA age) Started Oct.30.17 Ended Feb.2.18 🎖38 kpopgroups Dec. 31. 18

    Completed   Mature
  • 13 Reasons Why Imagines & More
    64.7K 1K 27

    #84 in TYLERDOWN! Imagines, preferences, would includes, & more about the Netflix series '13 Reasons Why'. Characters: Clay Hannah Justin Zach Jeff Alex Tyler Tony Monty & More *REQUESTS ARE OPEN*

  • Pools// Alex Standall
    38.8K 916 20

    • Would it be called suicide if I was just trying to make the pills work?• ©Tristful__ 2017 [I DO NOT OWN 13RW]

    Completed   Mature
  • Met in The Sea. | Min Suga FF
    71.1K 1.8K 34

    A mermaid awakens after a year. The right moment where she finds her true love. Yet he is a Human. Will he love her back or stay the same. ~~~~~~~~ Inspired by Legend Of The Blue Sea. Sorry for any grammar errors and typos