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  • Broken
    1.4M 40.6K 39

    Percy Jackson has lost everything and when the gods offer godhood, he refuses again. But the fates have other plans. With Nick Fury after him, will Percy help him and the Avengers? Or will Tartaraus slowly drive Percy insane? Will he find someone new or will he be killed by his haunted past and terrifying flashbacks...

  • Doom:Gods Shall Fall
    14K 312 19

    Born from the hatred for the demonic forces which had wrecked havoc upon Doom Slayer's world The Hellwalker arose to crush all the evil that existed and for millennia after millennia the demonic scourge that dared plague earth was brought to an end by the Doom Slayer. After a mighty long life of fighting the Doomed he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fem Possessive Doomguy x shy male neko reader
    78.2K 794 6

    Just thought this would be cool to write. Can't promise daily updates

  • The EXILE (Male Reader X Mass Crossover)
    123K 1K 13

    Y/N Branwen, being neglect and abuse by his family and being mock by almost everyone at Beacon. One day, Y/N was pushed to his limit and destroy Beacon completely. Having enough, he decided to leave only for a man to give him the chance of a lifetime to find true friends, a true family and maybe a true home.

    168K 2.8K 46

    A story about a popular student known as Jin Freed of North Star Academy who has trouble finding himself a girlfriend he really likes. He's a teen looking for love, but can't see the beauty of the girls he had previously dated. When he thinks he's going to be single for life, he found a girl who is really....different...

  • Grandeur Fantasia
    705K 33.1K 200

    First book of Grandeur Fantasia. Second book is Grandeur Fantasia 2. Leon Rivelia, the heir to the largest conglomerate company in the world, was suddenly transported to a fantasy world. The previous world he lived in, the business world, is a place where nothing could be trusted. Everyone lies to fulfill their des...

  • Those Aren't Demons (Doomslayer x MGE)
    4.6K 42 2

    The Doom Marine. The one whose name scares the shit out of the denizens of Hell. But after Samual Hayden takes the Crucible, he is sent back to Hell. Or so he thinks. He wakes up, in a meadow, completely unscathed. Where the hell was he?

  • The Beast
    48.2K 416 7

    You are SCP-1963, or better known as 'The Beast'. Scientists tried to create the ultimate super soldier by injecting the DNA of the most dangreous SCP's in your body. It was, of course, a failure. After you released yourself, you went on a killing spree and got captured by the SCP Foundation. You try to escape. No mat...

  • 『☆』Son Of A Murderer (Female!FNaF X Male!Reader) *Completed* *Editing*
    291K 3K 27

    (Y/N) is a normal boy, with a normal school, normal personality, almost normal everything. He however has a not so normal dad. His father is Vincent and he recently murdered 5 children at a local pizzeria and was arrested soon after. Now living with a foster mom, (Y/N) now has to deal with the weird looks and harsh co...

  • Godzilla Warriors: One-Offs
    66.4K 459 52

    So, what do Godzilla and the others do when they aren't saving the world? What does Ghidorah do when he's not plotting to take over the world? In this book, you'll find one-off short stories depicting exactly that. Shorts, crossovers, comics, and parodies will all be posted here, while character-specific origin story...