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  • Super Junior's Baby Boy (Bottom Donghae Oneshot)
    49.9K 1.4K 14

    Baby boy you stay on my mind Fulfill my fantasies I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams Baby boy not a day goes by Without my fantasies I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams... -Beyonce (baby boy) Warning(s) : √Donghae is always Bottom √Boyslove √Mature content √Crack pairings 🔞🔞🔞...

  • Lost Boys
    149K 6.2K 24

    A so-called "homicidal maniac" and an emotionless, cold-hearted boy. What could possibly go wrong? Theodore Smith is different, he tries to run away from his dark past while struggling with his mentally ill mother who is on the brink of falling into complete insanity. He blocks out all his emotions so that he won't h...

  • Psyche
    277K 14.2K 65

    Jamie's other name might as well have been Silent. He went to school, visited his therapist, daydreamed about Jean Paul, and tried to never be alone when his aunt's boyfriend was in the house. He kept to himself. He was fine with that pattern till Alexandria decided to meddle her way into his life. Her friendship brin...

  • The Nerd And The Bad Boy (l.s) ✔️
    1.4M 64.3K 42

    Where Louis is the typical nerd, son of the local pastor and Harry is the bad boy that just can't keep his hands to himself. *completed* *under editing* *highest ranking: #1 in larrystylinson* "I was hooked the second I started reading. If you want to cry both happy and sad tears: please read this book." -jetstreambu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Punk vs Flowerchild ~ Larry Stylinson AU (BoyxBoy) COMPLETED
    1.5M 40.5K 69

    Harry is in love with Louis , Louis is in love with Harry . Harry likes tattooes and boxing , Louis likes flowercrowns and cuddles . Harry found out about Louis' past , and is willing to give him everything he needs ; kisses , cuddles , hugs , tickles . And mostly , Love . Louis is a shy , adorable boy who gets insecu...

  • Locker 17 - Arabic translation
    593K 23.2K 85

    "صعب التخلي عنه. انا اخيرا في سلام لكن اشعر انه خطأ"

  • Teacher & Student One Shots ⇒ Larry
    148K 4.3K 13

    ون شوتس، طالب و استاذ [ هاري + لوي ]

  • Detention - Larry Stylinson (Arabic)
    749K 26.2K 46

    الاحتجاز. من المفترض أن يكون الاحتجاز عقاب و جزاء على فعل الخطاء. لكن بالنسبة إلى لويس توملينسون و هاري ستايلز كان بداية شيء جميل. هما من عالمين مختلفين تماما، لكنهم أستطاعوا مواجهة السلوكيات المتكررة، الصراعات الأسرية، الشؤون الماضيه و القضايا العادية في كونهما مراهقين. ما يحدث في الاحتجاز، يبقى في الاحتجاز. [ تن...

  • One shots
    89.8K 3.2K 9

    قصص قصيره *

  • where do broken hearts go ? *LS*
    35.6K 2.3K 19

    هاري هو محقق مشهور تصله دعوة من مجهول ليحضرها مع حبيبه لوي حيث يجدان انفسهما في قصر مع مجموعة من الذين على معرفة سابقة بهاري و من هناك تبدا سلسلة من الجرائم في الحدوث و موتهم الواحد تلو الاخر فياتي الدور على هاري ليحل القضية و يعرف من يتلاعب بارواحهم و الاهم ان عليه حماية حبيبه لوي

    Completed   Mature
  • My children L.S
    1.6K 62 1

    "هاري. هل يمكنگ اليوم ان تعتني بطفلاي؟" "نعم بكل سرور لوويه" اعطيت هاري حقيبه طفلاي وطبعت قبل على وجنتيه وذهبت لعملي ------------------------------- حملت طفلا لوي انهم لطيفان سوف استمتع بوقتي معهم