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  • It's Destiny
    18.7K 827 35

    "I just... I..I...I can't stand you!" Natsuki screamed and Yuri recoiled as if slapped before her expression hardened. "Fine then perhaps it would benefit you if we broke up." Yuri snapped. "Maybe it would." Natsuki retorted without thinking. Yuri's eyes filled with tears. "we're just too different." Yuri spa...

  • Mending Fences
    7.5K 247 22

    Goodbye Goodbye is such a small word A word that has many meanings So much depth and despair Goodbye can mean we'll meet again Goodbye can mean that this is the end Goodbye can take and goodbye can give Goodbye can bring love But goodbye can also bring death Goodbye took them from us This doesn't have to be a ba...

  • Ulterior Motives
    45.9K 1.6K 38

    Sayori is in love, that's the only explanation there can be to the way she feels about Monika, the most popular and beautiful girl in school. Natsuki has a crush...or she's in love...she's not really sure but Yuri is all she can think about, she's smart, pretty and kind. Sayori, Natsuki and MC are best friends and...

  • It Started With A Party [ChanSaw/McDuke]
    33.9K 916 27

    Chansaw Overview-Veronica goes to a party but things quickly go south for the girl leaving her in a vulnerable state luckily she is saved by a certain someone. McDuke Overview- While Duke sees all the happy couples around her she starts to think that maybe she finally has a chance of love. [Completed]

  • Exposed
    3.7K 154 6

    What do you do when your biggest secret is exposed and you lose everything? Luz and Amity are in a secret romantic relationship that no one knows about and they do everything to hide that. Then one day, their loves letters to each other are posted all over Hexside. After losing everything they have and with only each...

  • Lumity family
    9.4K 332 5

    Basically fluffy content :)

  • Here to Help
    112K 4.5K 29

    After a grudgby accident brings Luz and Amity together, Luz learns the horrifying truth of Amity's past and present while working through her own. Wanting nothing more than to help each other in their time of need, Luz and Amity unintentionally set out on a journey of coping, understanding, and growth as they begin to...

  • Grom in the Moonlight
    519 16 1

    (I couldn't come up with a good title hsdjrjrj) ok so bASICALLY this entire fanfic is just me projecting my trauma onto amity,,:,,:,: n e ways I hope you enjoy the fic I wrote :) Also!!! I love getting comments!! This fandom is so funny ahdjdjfjrjr I also take criticism !!! :))) (TW !!! This fanfic technically includ...

  • The Witches Are In {The Owl House One-Shots}
    30.4K 742 15

    Join Luz, Eda, King, and many others on their adventures on the Boiling Isles. (Some one shots might be more mature than others. Yes I take requests!)

  • Together again(book2)
    110K 4.1K 56

    Sequel to the light of my life After 2 years Luz finally comes back to the boiling isles. She is now 16 years old and ready to complete her witch training. During those 2 years Amity has grown closer to everyone in the group. Amber is still at it with her tricks and James has another ace up his sleeve. With Luz comi...

  • Lumity Oneshots
    57.8K 1.5K 14

    Luz is a bisexual fangirl human. Amity is a lesbian tsundere witch. Together they are Lumity, the cutest power couple on the Boiling Isles.

  • Breathless(Lumity)
    73.9K 2.3K 31

    A warm summer was erupting from the grounds of Boiling Isles, and where else to go beside The Boiling Isles brand new beach resort. (All students who attend Hexside come free of charge) The only thing is, how long will the joy last before something goes wrong? Has been #1 in LuzNoceda #1 in Lebanese (; #1 in Lumity...

  • Our Little Star (Future AU)
    18.4K 510 6

    Luz and Amity are going to have a journey towards parenthood.

  • Recklessly (Lumity)
    165K 5.7K 33

    Life isn't easy for Luz or Amity. They've both been abused, been hurt, been traumatized. They've hurt each other multiple times and yet they love each other greatly, strongly. Luz spends years chasing after a crush and only ends up falling, breaking her own heart. She doesn't understand what this feeling is that she h...

  • Unbounded Determination (Luz x Amity) (Lumity) {Oneshot}
    4.1K 119 2

    Two years after the destruction of Hexside and the society that once kept magic in check, a group of rebels rise up for the return of order throughout the Boiling Isles. However, someone who was once considered a friend of the members in this group is now the one thing standing in the way of their fight for peace. Ho...

  • Just Human Things (The Owl House) ( Lumity )
    139K 3.8K 32

    Luz was living her dream at the boiling isles, she was a witch in training and had a couple of friends who she cared about and they did the same to her. However, once the duration of the " Summer Camp " Luz' Mother told her to go to is about to come to an end, all of a sudden her human problems leak into a human less...

  • The light of my life(book1)
    209K 7.2K 53

    After helping Amity save the Blight twins and Eda. Luz was able to make a club with Amity. She is very exited to talk to Amity again. After all in a little while she would be going to Hexside just like Amity, Willow, and Gus. After seeing Luz learn a new spell by just making a connection. Amity wanted to learn more a...

  • Romance Detective 4: American Soldier
    1.1K 13 22

    After 2 years Chrys makes a return home. she's changed from before but she's still the same Chrys as before. Chrys had a surprise for rose once she returned home to LoveBloom. Ruth and Chrys's father have return to LoveBloom and teamed up. Will they gang survive from these problem to reach their goal or are they doom...

  • Romance Detective 3: Return of the Roses
    1.1K 13 20

    A year after the rose problem was finally solved everyone in lovebloom was at peace. Leandre had been forgiven for her mistakes and is now dating the chief. however, Cupid returns and tells the group the rose problem has return. But the two that were behind this mess weren't doing anything. However something strange i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Romance Detective: High School
    538 19 7

    this is a high school AU. what if Heather, Leandre, Rose were friends? summary: Lovebloom high is getting ready to welcome a new student to their school. Rose, Heather and Leandre are hoping it's someone nicer. Once the new student comes to the school. They find out its a girl. however she is well known, Chrys Starg...

  • Beyond Opal - A Pearlmethyst Fanfic
    63.2K 2.3K 20

    -"'Sup y'all it's Amethyst and this is MY story abou-" -"Amethyst! You can't just belt out something random and unnecessary for an introduction, it has to be both eloquent and well-thought-out!" -"Ugh! Pearl this is my time to shine, get off my back!" Amethyst and Pearl are at a constant struggle between their own per...

  • Black and White and Streaks of Color
    57.6K 2.6K 42

    Mabel Pines and her twin brother Dipper are staying in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer. As Mabel wanders the town she meets Pacifica Northwest, a girl known for her rude attitude and rich family. Mabel helps her change, and soon the two confess their love for each other. Meanwhile, Dipper investigates the town's...

  • Oh Honey // momojirou
    129K 4.3K 52

    FYI: This is going to be mostly fluffy and wholesome, but I might pull in angst when completely necessary. Jirou is very sure of her identity, when it comes to who she is and what she can easily do. She can make a good guess of things she's capable of doing, but the one thing she can never be sure of. Is Momo. I OWN N...

  • red cherry blossoms // ochamina
    3.7K 175 9

    a sickness is spreading like wildfire through lovestruck people across japan. it goes by the name of hanahaki. a disease in which unrequited love is expressed through flowers growing in your lungs, the vines restrict around your lungs, killing you if it goes too far. and now mina ashido finds herself staring down at t...

  • Remember When // momojirou
    30.8K 941 9

    Momo and Jirou have always been together. Jirou was always there for Momo, especially during her rough times. Completed! #5 in momojirou

  • I would wait 6,000 years to be with you
    8.4K 196 18

    A book on Spinel x Pink Pearl (The art that I show in this story belong to there rightful owners) Hello everyone! So this is the first story I have ever written on Wattpad so I apologize if it isn't the greatest. Also this book starts off as 1 story but then turns into a bunch of one shots later on in the book. S...

  • When it's all said and done [book 2]
    6.2K 166 17

    Sequel to When I Met You

  • Trauma and Kisses | Spinearl
    3.4K 106 5

    ~~~ After Spinel gets back to homeworld, she sees how everything has changed. Six thousand years is a lot of time, even for a gem. When she gets assigned to her quarters, however, it is a quite pleasant surprise that she wont be alone. She will have to company of three Pearls, thought only one seems to know the pain...

  • You Changed My Mind
    6.5K 181 14

    Spinel never thought she'd love again. The diamonds didn't change that. Pink was the only one. Until she.... left.... Maybe I was wrong Why is my heart is pounding? Why are there tears coming from my eyes? Why am I feeling these feelings? This doesn't feel the same way I felt for pink... Why does this feel better? Am...

  • 👑 || Queen of Hearts
    3.1K 111 8

    Spinel's newfound residence on Homeworld was certainly an upgrade from her 6,000 years of waiting in the garden. The Diamonds were starting to treat her like one of their own, and while she valued their constant love and affection, deep down, she knew she was just a placeholder for Pink. Back on Earth, Lapis suggested...