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  • Rooftop//A Septiplier Comic
    119K 2.8K 70

    For anyone who wan't the hole Comic...there you go Credits belong to artist.

  • Airport// A Septiplier Sequel To Rooftop
    30.1K 622 9

    Credits to artist.

  • His Story (A Septiplier Fanfic)
    160K 5.1K 25

    Seán William McLoughlin, a bullied 17 year old highschooler, is secretly a popular youtuber. No one has seen his face, only his voice (like Cryaotic only no one has had any description of him). No one really knows him, but they also do. They know the real him, not the one behind the 'mask'. Mark Edward Fischbach, wh...

  • Strangers on kik || Septiplier kik story
    4.8K 150 3

    Jack is a only child and a drummer in a band. Mark is a lonely boy who wants friends. Mark randomly text a person on kik. Jack gets a kik massage from a stranger. Jack's life changes forever. Mark's life changes forever.

  • Message Me [Septiplier]
    200K 9.3K 62

    Septiplier AU A message to the wrong username leads to romance. --- This story will contain strong language, as well as mentions of suicide and vivid depictions of self harm. Please do not read this story if that will offend or trigger you in any way! I do not own Mark or Jack! I am not in any way affiliated with th...

  • ♡the Club♡ (Septiplier)
    1.6M 42.3K 18

    Sean has escaped an abusive prison of a relation ship but now he is homeless and has no where to go. He finds a help wanted sign for a new club called 'paradise' that is owned by the goergous Mark.

  • Good Cop, Bad Boy - Septiplier
    58.5K 2.3K 8

    He's too scared to go to the police. But the police get him eventually. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. But he keeps hurting him. He doesn't want to leave him but... A Septiplier fanfiction ~ brought to you by my lack of a social life.

  • You're Mine
    32.3K 1.2K 10

    Septiplier story It was a normal day, and Mark is walking down the street, until he found a man laying on the side of the road. The hospital officials stick him with Mark since he was the one who brought him. The only thing is, he doesn't remember anything. "Do you remember anything? Anything at all?" "N-no, all I rem...

  • Septiplier High School
    46.3K 1.8K 19

    Mark is class president and obviously hugely popular and jack, the smol transfer student obviously admires him a lot. When mark gets paired with jack for a project he takes it upon himself to make friends. But why stop at friends?

  • We're Not Friends || Septiplier AU
    68.2K 3K 15

    "What's wrong with your voice?" "I don't know! What's wrong with your face?!" Jack and Mark have hated each other for as long as they can remember. So how on earth did they end up in a talent show as a duet together? (DISCLAIMER: This story contains the following - Alcohol, drugs, anxiety and smut. If any of these mak...

  • kik // septiplier
    930K 40.6K 25

    Once upon a time, Mark anonymously messaged Jack on kik. Jack was confused, worried, and downright terrified at first, but once he realized it was just a "secret admirer," he was calm, and eventually began to fall in love, until he found out who this mystery person was. //highest ranking: #64 in fanfiction//

  • 'Just Friends'
    189K 5.2K 21

    Septiplier in high school. Everyone has a significant other. These two boys, just happen to be each other's. ;)

  • help
    81.1K 2.3K 27

    16 year old sean McLoughlin is being abused and bullied not just at school but at home too everything changes after he meets mark fischbach the new kid in his school he is compassionate and caring everything he needed to get him through this hard time but will they stay just friends? trigger warning - this story conta...