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  • Heathers X Reader oneshots
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    - just read the title >:3

  • Heathers (musical ) One Shots
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    Hello ! I love Heathers and after much convincing from my friend I'll be writing some one shots based off the musical ! FYI : SOMETIMES JD IS ALIVE AND SOMETIMES HE IS DEAD ! AND CURSING SO YEAH ! HOPE YALL ENJOY

  • Heathers Oneshots!
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    A collection of One-shots for my girls. Most are standalone unless stated otherwise. Suggest ships and prompts please!

  • Stay With Me (JD x Reader)
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    You and JD have been best friends for a while but JD has turned psycho but you don't care because you can't really notice it. On your first year of high school that's when JD turns more and more psycho each day because he's in love with you he watches over you but you think nothing of it because he's your friend you t...

  • I̶ N̶ S̶ A̶ N̶ I̶ T̶ Y̶ (( JD x Reader ))
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    "What would happen if y̶o̶u̶ only had 60 seconds left to live"

  • Heathers one shots!
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    Imma take another attempt at one shots lol but this time it's Heathers lol

  • Heathers X Reader
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    Heathers X Reader Oneshots! Maybe even stories! DISCONTINUED AS OF NOW