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  • Girls Chase Girls | #1✔
    145K 3.4K 6

    [EDITING SOON FOR CHAPTER LENGTH] {GIRLS CHASE GIRLS, Book #1} Chronically invisible high school junior Xia Qi gets the shock of her life when a girl who embodies James Dean saves her from a burning car, but that isn't the shock. The shock is when this bad girl with a good soul who could have anyone wants Xia back. **...

  • Who's That Girl? | #1.5 ✔
    596 49 5

    {GIRLS CHASE GIRLS, Book #1.5 - Revised Edition} When the Wild Girls hit the court, they play to win, but they can't win everything. True love and heartache are right around the corner, unless they know just when to run. *** Phae makes a new fan (and a new enemy) on the volleyball court but she only has eyes for Xia...

  • Girls Like Girls | #2
    4.3K 191 5

    {GIRLS CHASE GIRLS, Book #2} Wild Girls give love a bad name. *** 'Leather jackets and hair gel, jeans and hot rods. That's all you gotta have to be a greaser. You gotta love to ride, love a thrill, and kiss a girl.' With prom on the horizon and half the crew set to blaze into the sunset come graduation, love, lies...

  • Catch That Girl | #2.5 [Coming 2021]
    38 5 1

    {GIRLS CHASE GIRLS, Book #2.5} Thunderbird Roshelle brings the thunder, but it takes Wild Girl Tempest to bring sun back into her life when it all goes wrong. *** After losing out on her first-choice college and watching the girl she's crazy about ride off with someone else, all Roshelle Dumas wants is a cool summer o...