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  • Trickster's Tail ~ Loki Laufeyson [COMPLETED] ✓
    26.5K 861 22

    Ariel has grown bored with her life in Atlantis. Daughter to King Triton, Poesidon's only son, she's got big boots to fill - well, a tail to fill - but it's simply not the life she wants for herself. Obsessed with the world on land, Ariel watches one day as a man dressed in green walks on by with his two companions. L...

  • War and Thunder (Thor) [Rewrite]
    121K 648 5

    Athena had found herself alone. Stuck on Earth with nowhere to go, she finds herself leaving her old self behind. Until they find her. REWRITING - NEW PLOT

  • Empathy ~ T'Challa Udaku [COMPLETED] ✓
    349K 10.3K 41

    Kali had been missing for years. As one of the members of the Dora Milaje, she was sent on a simple mission to protect her country, but this was one that she didn't return from. It was only years later when she escapes the Hydra facilities (with the help of a few new-found friends), does she realise how much she's mis...