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  • mcyt the forgotten ones dream smp
    14K 394 13

    A story for the mcyt in the dream smp that have been forgotten This is just a book I will update when I'm bored or I feel like it this book was just for fun

  • The destruction of L'Manburg - Tommyinnit Villain AU
    140K 6.5K 22

    Tommy was sick and tired of the shit he constantly had to deal with. His old friends didn't care. They kicked him out the nation he created, the second they got on threat. On top of that, not one of them came to visit him. So he wasn't gonna rely on them any more, he would make them all regret everything they ever did...

  • Boarding School | Tommyinnit
    120K 6.3K 30

    After an incident in science class, Tommy is thrown into a correction school for "misguided children". But, somethings wrong... :) [1/3]

  • sleepy bois inc oneshots
    655K 19.4K 125

    the oneshots are NOT connected unless the description says they are :)

  • ⎣Family⎤
    14.1K 423 4

    A SleepyBoisINC story of the Pandel brothers: Phil Pandel Wilbur Pandel Techno Pandel Tommy Pandel AU DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!!! IT BELONG TO @antarctic-bay ON TUMBLR LINK: THIS IS AN AMAZING AU SO READ IT!!!

  • Sorry. I've stolen your Kids.
    8K 511 3

    Dream is tired of watching Tubbo and Tommy- the only two in the server that can make him care enough anymore- crumble under the weight of their jobs. Sorry not sorry Wilbur, Schlatt. He's taking his brothers away thank you very much.

  • Dream Team Oneshots (I mean Sapnap)
    36.6K 586 7

    Mostly Sapnap, I need more Sapnap fics, theres too many x readers ;-; Note: these are their Minecraft personas, and dont take this book too seriously, the writing will be shit. I don't know what'll be in this yet but probably 13+ and absolutely no smut, maybe implied stuff but not smut :) Btw knowing me I probably won...

  • mcyt angst oneshots
    22.3K 676 21

    (mature for language) lowercase intended. random, short angsty oneshots about minecraft youtubers for when i feel sad :) will probably include: Dream GeorgeNotFound Sapnap Skeppy BadBoyHalo TommyInnit Tubbo Wilbur Soot Technoblade Fundy Philza Minecraft Ranboo

  • FreetheLGBT Pride Month Fiesta
    22.4K 4.3K 96

    The biggest, brightest, rainbowest interactive LGBTQ+ Pride Fiesta has arrived! Grab all your friends and allies and let's fly our flags together as one! COMING JUNE 1st! ♥︎Claim a free Pride Month Fiesta cover sticker ♥︎Win amazing shoutouts ♥︎Raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ movement ♥︎Meet fellow LGBTQ+ themed writer...

  • Cool meeee
    49 3 2

    I drew this art for the title and don't follow foxwolf8

  • Dollhouse ( A Creepypasta Fanfiction)
    569K 13.9K 31

    highest rank - #1!! in creepypasta, #40 in fanfiction Brooklynn may only be 6, but she already hates her life. Her father is cheating on her mother. Her mom knows he is cheating, but just drinks away the pain of a broken heart. Her brother does drugs in his room all day. Nobody wants Brooklynn. The only friends sh...