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  • Heartstopper
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    •MaNan Instagram Story •Ongoing ❝Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite.❞ Dedicated to @_love_is_you_ •Started February 21, 2023

  • Arrange marriage ✔️
    135K 4.8K 14

    MATURE story! Manan arrange marriage story! But with a Mature twist Short Romantic Story

    Completed   Mature
  • Oh My Crush || A MaNan Fanfiction
    29.8K 2.2K 8

    [ CAN BE READ AS GENERAL FICTION ] Remember that Crush you had in your school whom you were never able to confess as you thought he was way out of your league? If yes, then congratulations. You and Nandini Murthy are exactly same. It has been 10 years since Nandini passed out of her school. Everything might have move...

  • || With You || A MaNan Collection Of Short Stories
    8.8K 1K 6

    "With You", is a collection of short stories, One shots and Three shots on our favourite MaNan. *** || Little Things || Love is in little things. And to prove this line, here is our adorable couple!! Read this heartwarming one shot to know how Manik and Nandini find their love in little things ❤️ ~•~ || In Plain Sig...

  • OS - MaNan Movie
    918 62 1

    Since many of MaNan fans including me are not satisfied with the MaNan movie released by voot, hence, I'm just giving a try to write it in my way. It'll be a little connected to movie idea.. It's gonna be a one shot story of 3000 words because it's a movie ofcourse, I'll try to write my best as it's my first OS...

  • A wish {PaNi}
    36.9K 2.5K 18

    It's a story about parth samthaan and niti Taylor how they fall in love with each other In two seasons of Kaisi yeh yaariyan everyone says they were enemies there were lots of rumors about them In the third season they became friends and proved all rumors false Now parth is doing a show and niti soon will be doing web...

  • MANAN: The Hidden Truth
    28.3K 1.9K 18

    A girl who was secretly in love with a guy, who happens to be her mother's best friend's son.Never had they come close to even being friends, all they ever had was a formal talk or just mere greetings. Even then she loved him, to the extent that she could go to hell and back only for him, she never had the courage to...

  • The Reunion || A MaNan Fanfiction
    13.3K 1.5K 10

    [ CAN BE READ AS GENERAL FICTION ] ~•~ Busy in their lives, one in London other in New York, Manik and Nandini were two people lost in each others memories. Once inseparable throughout college, a mistake tore them apart and broke them to shambles. They left their love, relationship, friendship everything behind them...

  • Fairytale Forever?||√||
    44.2K 2.9K 9

    A short story on Manan love life.....

  • Destined By Stars.... Arranged By Fireflies...
    10.7K 934 19

    Hi everyone... This is completely a manan story who are destined by Arranged marriage... I know there are lot of arranged marraige stories ... yet I wanna give it a try.. This is my first story.. Hope you all support it ... ............ But.. But.. But.. There will be lot more characters which will be revealed in the...

  • •Badboy loves me• Manan TS
    42.4K 3.2K 3

    Does fairy tale love stories exist in real life? Well have a look to know.

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    50.6M 1.6M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • An arranged tale.
    161K 13.3K 15

    IPS officer, Manik Malhotra who is married to his duty and his civil services. Who has kept himself away from everything apart from work. Nandani Arora, the girl from banaras. Who loves her freedom and food and father. But the only thing common between them is, is a wedding. Their wedding. What will happen when th...

  • MaNan OS - 42 hours!🛣️
    4.2K 496 1

    Manik Malhotra. Nandini Murthy. • isn't that enough for you to read the story?! 😙✨

  • Only if....... OS✅
    31.1K 1K 4

    At times all you could do is regret..... Coming soon

    Completed   Mature
  • THE WET SKIRT- MaNan TS (Completed)
    4.2K 299 2

    This is a story originally written by Kevin Reich. I just gave it a MaNan touch!

  • Bring back to life- Os ✔️
    6.2K 353 1

    A manan os... An emotional journey of manan to their infinity #OkThanksBye

  • Destined- OS ✔️
    5.2K 441 1

    A beautiful manan story Peep in to know #OkThanksBye

  • My Two Possessions- Os ✔️
    6.1K 517 1

    A sweet yet emotional story of manan To know more peep in #OkThanksBye

  • Prince Love- Os ✔️
    7.2K 426 1

    A manan os! To find out! Give a read to it! #OkThanksBye

  • Humesha | ✔️
    294K 31K 36

    She believed in dreams. He believed in nightmares. She was living her life. He was just finding an escape from it. She was falling in love. It was all just a game for him. The deeper she dugged into his past, the darker it got. She was hoping for love. And all he had in his life was hatred. The two opposite poles cras...

  • His P.A. ✔️
    511K 37.5K 23

    Manik Malhotra, the name itself brings so many emotions in ones mind- love, passion, music and fear. He was a rock star and a businessman for the world that looked upon him, but a monster for the world that he looked upon. But what happens when Nandini Murthy, another fangirl who is madly in love with him gets stuck w...

  • MaNan- Stupid for you (OS)
    12K 643 1

    I was insanely in love with him and it didn't matter to me whether I got hurt or used, I just loved him. I was stupid for him and he was stupid for someone else. *Click read and be a part of this story*

  • Manan-Still ✔
    8.7K 655 1

    ~If honesty means telling you the truth, I'm still in love with you~

  • My major- OS✔️
    20K 1.2K 2

    A cute manan story... #OkThanksBye

  • A Real Life Fairytale(Completed)
    47.2K 1.8K 13

    Niti is in Bigg Boss house and its family weekend.Lets see who will come to meet her.Its a Three short story.

  • Fest Fest Mein
    5K 466 52

    A huge food Fest is happening in New Delhi.. Amongst the thousands of foodies.. Do foodies aapas mein takraate hain!!! Food their first love... forms the basis of their own love story!!!! Follow Shivangi's journey of life.. a college going student who loves the television heartthrob Parth Samthaan crazily... Let's g...

  • 𝙊𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 (MaNan OS) ✅
    7.8K 927 2

    He, a pilot. She, a hippie. He & she crossed paths on a flight. Few unknown jittery feelings decided to crawl in. Read the rest of the story of 'him' & 'her' becoming 'them' in my 2nd attempt as a writer, "On the flight"❤ *Can be read even if you never watched "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" Thanks for the beautiful edit @Samai...

  • Truth or Death?
    199K 17.6K 38

    When senior students at Lincoln High receive the same deadly text message, it falls upon Helena Gallagher and an unlikely companion to solve the mystery and catch the killer. •••• High school student, Helena Gallagher is a murder fanatic. A devoted admirer of all things mysterious. Always watching crime documentaries...

    394K 26.3K 90

    Hey guyzzz I'm very much new in this writing field and i'm horrible at english and hindi grammer because basically i'm a malayali. if you guys are ready to bear with it, then lets start with a new journey of MaNan, with lots of friendship and ofcourse LOVE. Do you guys think, that friends can change your life? Means y...