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    JOHNIL / taeil is problematic. johnny can fix that. ❝teach me how to be cool, senpai.❞ (editing as of 28/02/2020)

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    NCT DREAM / it's exam season. and for donghyuck, jaemin, renjun and jeno, things couldn't possibly get any worse. ❝how can we ever keep us a secret?❞ started: 170518 complete. sequel to 'hike'.

  • HIKE
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    NCT DREAM - 00 LINE / ❝how are we going to survive this weekend?❞ Best friends Donghyuck, Jaemin, Renjun and Jeno have set themselves up to fail. Or at least, that's what it feels like when they embark on a three day two night hike across the wilderness. And all of that's without Renjun's unspoken sexuality, Donghyuc...

  • Rain and Outer Space ✔️
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    "He's like the rain. His voice is a symphony to me, as soothing as when I heard the rain droplets hit the ground, knowing that I'm safe and sound. And the words he speaks astonish me every single time. They strike me the way thunders strike the ground." "He's like the outer space, unknown and majestic. His eyes are bl...

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    ❝what's the point jaehyun? you're rich. you can always buy more time.❞ ⸰COMPLETED ⸰12/23/16 - 04/07/18 © DONGYEOLS

    Completed   Mature
  • Art class; Noren NCT
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    {Completed} The quiet boy that sits at the back of the art class seems to end up Jeno's biggest competition. ••••• Start: 26-4-2018 End: 16-6-18