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  • Avengers - Infinity War
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    The greatest and the most baddest threat on the universe, comes to earth to collect the other Infinity Stones. What is the earth's mightiest heroes gonna do when the Avengers is a name with nobody in it? The Avengers Infinity War [Book One] | Fanfiction by: BeatDemonz [ON-GOING!!]

  • Riverdale: Things aren't all Black and White
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    Life ain't always black or white, good or bad, happy or sad. Things are always complicated. Life in Riverdale used to be black or white but then Jason blossom's body turned up and things changed. Yet behind all the events that happened; the mystery of Jason Blossom's death, the Black Hood and now the Gargoyle king. P...

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    The world changed seemingly overnight. Which meant that I too had to change. I had to leave my barbies, pick up a gun and learn how to use it. Over the years I also learned to not form attachments, because it will be ripped away from me... From anyone.