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  • ❥Things Left Unsaid | Varia
    4.8K 202 4

    Rohan Nanda & Shanaya Singhania He had flaws She too had flaws to the world they looked flawless together. but one competition, jealousy, misunderstanding,a third angle separated their paths from each other but, 'Ishq Wala Love' only happens once in a lifetime. A collection of Ronaya snippets and one-shots that...

  • Love Always | ✓
    6.4K 1.4K 15

    Misha wrote Virat a letter at the end of every new year. [romance • short story]

  • One Last Time | ✓
    1.5K 261 12

    when Aira decides to finally let off the cover and confess her feelings to Ethan, she wasn't expecting for a journey of a lifetime filled with laughter, joy and love - maybe for one last time.

  • @alia96 is typing . . . ↬ varia
    2.7K 195 6

    the scariest chat history you'll ever read. even more scary than vijay asking to confirm your wedding date on facebook. whatsapp isn't just for desi parents. based on "annie96 is typing . ." started on april fool's day 2018 varia one-shot