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    💜 "If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in it's original, safe, form, please go to (Wattpad User Link). Thank you." All the copy right of this FF belongs to Ash_1274. And copying, mirroring is str...

  • A Thread of Hope
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    A broken arrogant single dad and a chirpy but broken girl. Their paths cross and there is something instant between them which is unclear to both however circumstances lead them to living together under one roof. What happens when his daughter grows fond of the girl he dislikes? What happens when she sees his daught...

    Completed   Mature
  • Manan - Hold My Hand
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    Manik Malhotra, CEO of Malhotra Groups, He is a private person and likes to have his own space. He has a few people he trusts and a dog he loves. A big fan of reading books. For the world he maybe an arrogant billionaire but his friends know what a gem he is for real. Nandini Murthy, a young Fashion designer with big...

  • Mananff - Iss Mohobbat Mein
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    Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy are unwanted-ly married. On their fake trip to Honeymoon, something happens. A secret unfolds, and destiny blooms. Read the story to know more...

  • His Revenge ✔
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    Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy once loved each other crazily, but one day a misunderstanding took place and they both got separted. But after 3 years he is back to take his revenge from her. Will he be able to take it? Or will his love towards her stop him? ▪-------------------▪ Highest Ranking : ( #1 in wifey )...

  • Murderous Desires ✔
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    What happens if you love someone else and are forced to marry someone else? Same happened with Nandini Murthy. The girl who loved her boyfriend, Abhay crazily was forced into a marriage with the rude and arrogant Manik Malhotra. The guy who had deep secrets and was a possessive man. What do you think? Will they have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Forever Heaven
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    Manik Malhotra and Nandini Manik Malhotra were proud parents of their 9 months old baby boy named Aarush Manik Malhotra. They loved him to death. This story is based on how they pamper him and shower their love on him. I hope you like the book. Thank you! ❤️ _________________ Highest Rankings - (#2 in parenthood ) (...

  • Fallen For My Wife
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    Glimpse : " It's decided. You're getting married to him. " Her father announced and tears formed in her eyes as her vision got blurry and she took hold of the chair beside her to keep herself steady. " Dad.. " She objected but he glared at her making her shut as he walked out of the hall leaving them alone. She sat o...

  • Manan: Epitome of Love
    1.7M 90.5K 100

    A business man and a singer ~Manik Malhotra falls in love with a doctor ~Nandini Murthy. A family drama with Manan portraying Epitome of Love. Come fall in love.

  • you AGAIN? SEASON 2 (Completed)
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    *Mature content* *Completed* Here is the sequel of my story you AGAIN? When MANAN with their unborn baby and FAB5 goes Mumbai again So what will happen? Will this visit change their lives? Will their baby survive?

    Completed   Mature
  • My FanGirl [HUMOR]✔
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    #1 in humor on 24.01.2018 Picture this- You are a huge fan of a singer from your favourite band. Your day starts looking at his picture on the wall of the bedroom and ends with the same. One day you are standing near the window of your room and what you see next makes you freeze.... You see your favourite singer ,your...

  • Manan SS - lease of life
    2.9K 146 4

    "I'm sorry to say Mr Malhotra but ..." Peep in to know

  • Manan -Living In Hope
    377K 21.1K 49

    A manan ff . I am a huge manan /pani fan .

  • My Everything
    407K 20.2K 52

    what happens after talent hunt when Manik is asked to choose between Fab5 or Nandini.. This is my first story.. please support me....

  • Differences
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    A Mafia love story featuring Manik and Nandini. Manik Malhotra who is a dangerous mafia who does not think twice before killing anyone, his paths cross with Nandini Murthy who is a sweet doctor ready to help anyone. Circumstances bring them in a marriage which starts a love/hate story. Completed- 14/02/2022

  • Beyond Love ✅
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    Nandini is a sweet and innocent girl who moved to New York from India, leaving her dreadful past behind to begin a new life with hope. She had been through so much in her life at such a young age that all she wanted was a normal, peaceful life where no one knew who she was, where she could start and live her life like...

    Completed   Mature
  • Queen' Rule (SAMPLES ONLY)
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    BOOK 2 of Mafia King (sequel part) Journey of Queen after marriage. Full of love, romance and fights of Mafia world. As this is a second one so I suggest you read the first book "Mafia King" to understand the story.

  • Manik Malhotra (The Insidious love) Complete✅️
    58.2K 6.5K 43

    "Tears those don't touch the ground often make a hole in the heart." Manik Shrikant Malhotra is a medical student in AIIMS Delhi. Despite being a brilliant student of surgery, he has a severe anger management problem which characterizes him as a college bully among his juniors. His aggressive and arrogant nature leads...

    Completed   Mature
  • DARK LOVE ( Obsession) [Editing]
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    Highest ranked #3 "Kiss me..." "" 'I will repeat once more...kiss me." "In your dreams..." "Okay...dont blame me later"...the boy spoke as he leans forward closing the gap.. (Editing) 31/10/16 ranked #57 And also ranked #51 #55 #33 #32 #26 #25 #29 #17 #21 #13 #20 #18 #9

  • Manan:- Zid (Dark Story)
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    Zarurat ha or zid bhi, pyaar bhi ha or parbah bhi, tu seraf meri ha Nandini, seraf meri. I love you Nandini, I love you so much. Agar tum nahi to ya zindagi nahi.... Love is pure but obsession is dangerous. Loving someone more than your life can make you stubborn sometimes. But being possessive for that person is dang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fool's Gold
    5.1K 451 11

    Love is precious... Love is gold But don't worry darling you ain't Poor; for there's a ruse, Little did you know it's just a...... Fool's Gold - Nandini Murthy Nandini Murthy, a believer once fell in love with Manik Malhotra - an estranged personal...

  • Manan ff Searching My Star⭐ In Whole Darkness🌑
    190K 11.2K 95

    Nandini Murthy: When Darkness Surrounded me I was Searching the Star who could take me out from there and only One Name Came is......... *#Manik Malhotra*# Manik Malhotra: For me Nothing Is Important than My Jaan I want to remove all the Darkness in her Life and Fill her life with Happiness...

  • His Precious Lifelines. [slow updates]
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    This is a story on MANAN family drama... With lots of romantic, adorable, cute moments. To know more, Peek into the story... #The credit for the amazingly beautiful cover goes to @SamairaRajput, thank you dear❤️

  • Her Innocence his lust
    21.5K 658 5

    Manan werewolf story.....Manik is belong to a bad pack.....which pack is very bad for Female wolf....for their unconditional rules....♨♨Mature content ♨ ♨. ...

  • Dr.Malhotra's Unknown Desire
    120K 2.4K 13

    ♨Mature content♨ . ... Manik is a doctor.....he is enough mature...but don't want to get married but destiny made him marry with an innocent Nandini. ....After married his life changed.... lets peep into the story....

  • Alone
    11.2K 469 5

    He's good in torturing people that satisfied him....people scared him that makes him happy....but what happened when he try to torture a Innocent girl named Nandini.......? ........So lets peep into the story...😊

  • Un Separable Souls
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    Hi guys this is my first story in wattpad and also about manan . The story starts from the talent hunt night.and it has many turns and twists.

  • Manan : Monster To Angle
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    This story about two different personality. One is sweet & another one is heartless . How love will grow in stone heart........

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    #1 in India marriage #1 in parth #1 in Nandini #1 in south Indian #6 in fan fiction #3 in soulmates This is a story based on how a forced marriage leads to discovery of soul mates. Join me in this journey of discovering love. Stay excited and open the book to read the story with lots of twists and turns. As said " l...

  • Love!!! once and for all ... Manan
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    Hy guys this is my first story. Well it happened accidentally. I was just going through the options in wattpad and by mistake I press this button so just thought of writing it. The story is about manan, a girl who fell in love with a guy whom she never saw, just fell in love. But that love change her life forever...

    Completed   Mature