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  • Welcome To Team Holland [Tom Holland X Reader]
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    A friend recommended you to him, they heard that you were in need of a job and they said they know someone who needs a new assistant. What they didn't tell you is who will be your boss. You went to the interview, got the job and met your boss, Tom Holland. A/n: I wrote this fanfic last year and this is set when Tom wa...

  • PERFECT MATCH // t.h.
    25.2K 539 16

    the future of relationships is in the palm of your hands, but do you believe in the maths of it or in naturally occurring love? **inspired by 'hang the dj' s4 black mirror** ©️ bbytholland 2018

  • The Time's I Saw Him
    42.9K 878 33

    IN EDITING "Next" they yelled. That was me, Im in line to meet Tom Holland! I walk through the doors and see him sitting at a table, looking worn out. He looks up at you at just stares. your on the verge of tears, seeing him in real life is just so overwhelming. He sees you looking a little light headed, Tom stands up...

  • Pas de Deux [T•Holland/Reader]
    99.8K 2.4K 23

    When Zendaya takes the "Holy trinity" to see her best friend perform in a musical, the sparks fly between Tom and her friend. But with Tom a famous movie star and her a nobody musical theater student it seems any feelings between them can only be short lived. But fate brings people together in odd ways and it does tak...

  • Worth It: Tom Holland Social Media Story
    67.1K 1.6K 12

    Tom Holland X Female Reader

  • Another Social Media Story || Tom Holland
    139K 3.5K 71

    Oops looks like Tom's finger slipped and clicked that follow button. Cover Credits: @/gallerias

  • Hopes & Dreams || Tom Holland x Reader
    71.9K 1.7K 17

    "Oh my God, you're (Y/n) (y/l/n)!" he said excitingly, "Wait, you know who I am?" I said shocked. What if you were a famous singer who unexpectedly cross paths with Tom Holland, an actor which you've adored for quite a long time? Will things go on smoothly? HERE LIES AUTHOR'S HOPES AND DREAMS.

  • broken - t. holland x reader
    159K 3.6K 35

    social media ff + normal story :) - Riverdale star, Y/n L/n, leaves the cast to move on with her life. After returning to London, she has a photoshoot with no other than Harry Holland. She ends up catching the eye of his older brother. That's when her popularity sky rockets. But what ends up so bad that it may end...

  • THINGS HAPPEN → book 2/2 'Trouble In Paradise' Sequel
    24K 475 29

    where a guy and a girl plan their wedding and raise a child all while doing it! ♡ sequel to trouble in paradise! ♡ social media x real life ♡ x female reader

  • TROUBLE IN PARADISE→ {t. holland x reader}
    140K 2.5K 55

    "this is really ballsy so don't give me shit. okay?" ↓ where a girl got cheated on and found comfort in a british man. ↓ finished!! ↓ (social media & real life) ↓ (t.holland fan fiction) ↓ (female reader)

  • Not Even Friends ° t. holland
    29.9K 744 10

    [TOM HOLLAND x READER ] Y/N is a breakout star thanks to her charming portrayal of Mariati "Mara" Dei'Lacruz in Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 1&2 and AVENGERS: AGE Of ULTRON. Soon, thanks to her loving fans and cast mates, her world is intertwined with a cute English boy playing the young Spiderman. >sorta slightly...

  • Welcome To The Avengers [Social Media and Real Life]
    61.6K 1K 18

    (Y/F/N) just got cast as Kate Bishop in the new Avengers Infinity War movie. She's taking Tom Holland's place as the youngest, being only a teenager. She's also brand new, and nervous as heck. What could possibly go wrong? Not a romance. I just wanted to do a fun friendship story. Also, I'm busy with school, so I have...

  • New beginnings (Tom Holland x reader)
    52.6K 1.2K 12

    You had just moved to London with your family and it was your first day at a new school. Sam and Harry are the first friends you make and the three of you are now best friends.

  • Anxiety // A Tom Holland x Reader Fanfic
    83.6K 1.8K 30

    One day, you plan to work for Marvel and finally meet Tom Holland, but it might come sooner than you think. 20 year old, Y/N L/N, an actor from Cambridge, England auditions for a Marvel character and is waiting on the result, while trying to meet Tom Holland, will either of the dreams come true, or will they remain a...

  • Since Forever|| Tom Holland x Reader Social Media
    9.2K 160 6

    @Y/nOsterfield: You love me? Since when?😂 709k retweets 1.2M comments @TomHolland1996: Since forever, love. 1.5M retweets 906k comments @HazOsterfield: It was about time🙄 #(Shipname) 207k retweets 408k comments

  • tom holland • imagines
    190K 5.1K 31

    TOM HOLLAND + PETER PARKER | IMAGINES requests currently closed [started: august 1, 2017 completed: - ] [ranking #5 in gif, #426 in tom]

  • Duty Calls // mob! Tom Holland AU
    63.7K 1.2K 14

    (originally posted on my Tumblr) Fresh off an assignment to take down the Russian mob Agent (Y/N) is given what might be her toughest order yet, take down the infamous crime boss Tom Holland but it gets more complicated then that, it always does

  • Run To Me | BAK sequel
    211K 5.7K 24

    You and Tom are still dealing with the events from five years ago. However, some wounds are still fresher then others. Tom is still running the mob, living as dangerously as ever with very large regrets and you're living a more settled life- though, that may be an understatement. The two of you are living a life of m...

  • Falling For You || T.Holland
    30.3K 544 3

    [TOM X READER] [SHORT FLUFF/SMUT STORY] Two high school friends reconnect after years spent apart. And once they are alone, they can't deny the impassioned feelings they've always had for one another.

    Completed   Mature
  • 🕷🕸Peter Parker/Tom Holland Imagines☕🍩
    74.5K 1K 55

    In a world with Tom Holland and Spider-Man (Peter Parker)!Imagines and smuts are a separate book¡ //REQUEST ARE OPEN\\ ◇Editing grammars and mistakes◇ ♡Cover by:@preciousclaws