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  • Our YouTuber Ship Book!
    2.2K 61 25

    Come one, Come all! Don't be ashamed because of your ships! Come and embrace them with us in this (sort of) sacred place! All ships (only if they're MCSM YouTube ones) are welcomed here! And we put fan-fiction in here... so... onward with the ships!

  • Werewolf 2: Dungeons and Werewolves
    742 65 26

    It's been six years since the werewolves attacked the small village. Six years since their friends have died. Six years since Stacy's death. Those years Stampy could never forget, and with Dan and Axel being the only werewolves left, they made a promise to never kill again. Time flew and the small town was now a norma...

  • Taking the Risk
    21.5K 1.2K 55

    A MCSM Fanfiction, Highschool AU. She's the bad girl. He's the good guy. Blockwest High, home of the Ocelots, and school to the mysterious Jesse Lynn and curious Lukas Booke. Jesse Lynn, the bad girl. The rebel. The scammer. Sly, cunning, and mischievous. Famous for her dented reputation and sudden change of heart...

  • Mcsm story time
    2.7K 114 64

    Ever wondered what life would be like if Lukas was a prince? Or if Petra was a Demigod in Ancient Greece? Or if the YouTubers were Pirates? Have you thought about none of these but thought about something else with a different timeline? Then this is the place for you!

  • The Building Blocks of MCSM: Season 1
    1.5K 52 15

    "Lights, camera, ACTION!!!" It wasn't easy filming season 1 of MCSM...well, for our beloved actors, that is! We dig deeper into the filming of Season 1 of Minecraft Story Mode, and experience the exhilarating fails and screw-ups our famous actors had to endure! Rated 12 for mild language, and few sex references!

  • No More
    74.8K 4.2K 122

    After winning the Building Competition without her, her friends Petra, Axel, and Olivia no longer acknowledge Jesse, a shy girl, as a friend. Now alone, she received a book that was created by the Old Builders that will give her power. How will she use this power? For good? To show that she can become something more...

  • Minecraft Story Mode Doodles And Things!
    38.1K 1.6K 202

    Just a random book about random stuff relating to MCSM

  • Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare!
    46.7K 882 119

    The MCSM crew is trapped with me >:3 MWAHAHA! Ask or Dare them!

  • Taken Over
    18.8K 663 53

    (This story takes place after Episode 8 and before Season 2 with some changes to the original story line) After returning home from the Portal Hallway, the gang return to their world to find that a new danger is about to reveal itself with the twins,Jesse (Jessica) and J (Jesse), in the center. Minecraft Story Mod...