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  • Emma Reese Paul ||Why dont we fanfiction
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    Hey I'm Emma Reese Paul I'm a 17 year old almost 18 model I'm going to college in LA so I'm gonna move on with my brothers well mostly Logan cause he's my favorite one in my opinion shh don't tell Jake

  • Jack Avery Imagines
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    REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Cover by @-losthopes

  • Why dont we imagines
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    Enjoy :)

  • cyberbully -why dont we
    1.5K 29 12

    A couple of months ago a girl called brie Hunter and she's been getting bullied a lot but the why don't we guys saw what happened to brie and they didn't like it one little bit at all because they hate seeing someone get bullied by anyone because bries dad not long left her when she was only three years old just...

  • Coma// Zach Herron
    701 14 8

    Kaylee Jenkins had a normal life. She was best friends with Zach Herron, until she got into a car accident on her birthday. She went into a coma. She finally woke up after 5 years. What will happen?

  • imagines // w.d.w.
    3.7M 69.7K 181

    Imagines of the Why Don't We boys❤ (August and Eben as well *kinda*) Includes Preferences and Imagines :) Highest rank; #5 in fanfiction♡ *I WROTE THIS STORY WHEN I WAS 14 PLS DONT JUDGE THE WRITING😔💔*

  • It was only the beginning // J.M
    139 4 6

    Hi I'm Tanisha, I'm 18 and I'm in love with this band called why don't we, I mean who couldn't love them? They're everything, gorgeous, talented, attractive, handsome, they're just my whole world. One day I asked my mum if I could fly out to L.A to see them perform, she said yes, so then I left for L.A. read the story...

  • A Group DM Is How It All Started {Completed}✅
    188K 3.5K 68

    A regular teenage fan girl, Janina fan girls over the WDW boys. She decides to make a group dm with them and her six closest friends. She didn't expect the boys to actually see anything, but they did and even answered..

  • Wallflower • Corbyn Besson
    104K 2.7K 39

    eighteen year old, hailey brown, who is nothing but a wallflower to most people, but so much more to eighteen year old, corbyn besson. started writing: October 3rd, 2017 published: November 22nd, 2017 finished writing:

  • indirect captions |A Group DM Is How It All Started Sequel|✅
    141K 2.8K 101

    this is the sequel of a group dm is how it all started so if you haven't read it yet, then go read it? "11:11 make a wish?" "funny how that used to be our thing" Started: 11/18/17 Completed: 12/7/17

  • Mistaken Window • Zach Herron Fan Fiction ✅
    501K 10.8K 89

    "I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong window" "Trust me, I have the right window" where a sixteen year old boy threw stones at a girl's window thinking it was his best friend's window. started to write: august 23rd, 2017 first published: november 15th, 2017 finished writing: february 17th, 2018