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  • Kara 10: Kryptoverse (DC Super Hero Girls and Ben 10 Fanfiction)
    182 3 2

    Kara Danvers is a girl who has the Omnitrix. She lives in Metropolis with her friends Diana, Zee, Bee, Babs and Jessica. This story is telling about the adventures of her and her friends! It's hero time!

  • Ben 10: Metropolis Adventures (DC Super Hero Girls Crossover)
    157 3 1

    After Ben moved to Metropolis, he has now started going Metropolis high school. Then he met some girls and boys there! This story will be telling you about their adventures. Will Ben manage to be a great hero there?

  • Ichigo Multiverse
    3.3K 69 12

    I am still doing a Naruto one and I wanted to do an Ichigo one

  • LWF: Reborn - END OF THE LINE
    191 17 6

    The final stop on the road to Wrestlepalooza is finally here! In this event, Starlight Glimmer has one hell of a challenger in Robert Squared, Chris Brookes and Junko Enoshima clash in an Asylum Match, FSU and The Beautiful People go at it in a NO DQ Match, and Sonata and Adagio hope to end things in a Stretcher Matc...

  • Earth Defender Force (Orginal Story)
    173 20 2

    There is a small town in the Southwestern United States state, a small tourist stop, and mainly known as halfway point to Las Vegas, this is Arlingwell, Nevada. In this small town, there is a young boy obsessed with two things, Space and Superheroes. Wanting to be either an astronaut or a superhero, or even a superher...

  • Loudverse Valentines Special!
    87 8 4

    Gennai of Delphi Prime, is on a mission, the hardest mission of his life! Getting a gift for the 14th day of Valentines! "Wait what!?" But considering such a day was never heard of...he ends up botching things up with Maggie, in the middle of a battle with a Swapper machine! Now being stuck for 24 hours with diffe...

  • Loud House: Loudest Superstars!
    1.2K 51 6

    It had been five years since twelve year old Lincoln Loud ran away from home after the No Such Luck incident. The Loud Sisters still haven't recovered from their only brother's disappearance despite moving on with their lives. Although the quiet town of Royal Woods is under threat as an alien threat now threatens the...

  • Dragonloud Super 1MS-10FS: Recharged
    618 18 4

    Adopted from @Omegacrow-nexus. A mysterious Individual makes a wish upon the dragon balls to restart the timeline after a devastating event. Now the story once thought to be over now begins again, with new events to add to the old.... **** After Freizas latest excursion to earth and the Epic Battle between Goku, Veget...

  • DC Monster King of Mortal Kombat
    1.2K 42 4

    The world is about to get a new hero and this one is more vicious than as he carries the strength of the female Kajiu woman known as Godzilla and got the name too. Now this boy will fight vicious enemies who get in his way and go save the world along with the Super Hero Girls and the Kajiu that were thought to be exti...

    122 7 2

    The tournament to determine LWF's first Adrenaline Champion is here! 32 Competitors all vying to be the inaugural Champion, but only one is gonna earn the honors of being the first! (All rights go to their respective owners)

  • Striped Spider
    26.8K 549 18

    For all the White Tiger and Spiderman shippers out there. Get a taste of this beloved budding romance, between Peter Parker and Ava Ayala. Plus all the action and adventure they endure together. Anything can happen ;)

  • Kill la Kill: Beast Union
    478 35 3

    Honnō City is the home of Honnōji Academy where Satsuki and Ryuko Kiriyūin live and defend against the threat of the Covers. Their mother Ragyō Kiriyūin runs the Revocs Corporation that is the front line against the Covers threat alongside Nudist Beach. Although another threat from outer space has its sights set on th...

  • Lincoln loud: the blue beetle
    4.1K 113 10

    when lincoln finds a strange metal bug he must balance, being a superhero and keeping the secret from his family while also keeping his homicidal partner in check.

  • Red Death
    771 19 2

    (Brawl in the family) After the sisters tell Lincoln that they can solve their problems by him leaving . Lincoln tells off his family and runs away. While in the Queens area of New York Lincoln meets a man named Keith Fermin who is a vigilante name Red Death who kills criminals and thugs. Keith sees potential in Linc...

  • Mutants + Heroines (Rise of the TMNT & DC Superhero Girls Crossover)
    6.5K 64 4

    This is a crossover AU of Rise of the TMNT and DC Superhero Girls. Some of Baron Draxum's Oozesquitoes moved to Metropolis turning some people into mutants. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to catch the Oozesquitoes and prevent anymore mutations. Eventually they ran into the Superhero Girls and started working togeth...

  • Alien Hero of Metropolis.
    322K 3.8K 140

    Dc superhero girls harem x male ben 10 reader. This is my first male reader fanfic i ever made. You will be attended metropolis high school as you try to help save the world as you also further gain love interests. Dc superhero girls belong to dc and ben 10 belongs to man of action, marvel girls belong to marvel, dann...

  • Miraculous Louds; Adventures Of Lightning Flash & The Miraculous Warriors
    1.1K 63 4

    Lincoln begins to feel like he's never going to amount to anything. His previous attempts to just get an award nearly cost him his sister's love and trust. Only able to get the feeling of accomplishment from video games. But the major factor to this feeling, however, was that Lincoln's friends were there, enjoying the...

  • DC Super Hero Girls | Supergirl x Spider-Man | My web-slinger
    70K 1K 31

    you recently arrive to metrópolis we're you try to help the city with your Powers on a city with a Lot of heroes we're you will encounter certain stong blonde which you'r gonna have an eye for her and maybe she is gonna have one for you

  • Combat College - Character Book
    908 117 24

    This is unlike any of my stories. This is completely for fun and for Community creation. Basically, I and many others will create original characters that would become apart of the world of Combat College. Maybe, I'll make this into a story of its own, but that's a strong maybe. As for the story of Combat College. Ben...

  • The Human Ghoul (TLH X Scooby Doo and The Ghoul School)
    28.4K 459 23

    can't make a good description without giving away the story. I don own anything but the storyline.

  • Loudest Missions for the Loudest Squad
    1.2K 99 28

    Set a full decade during the events of NSL. The Louds, separated, are slowly brought back once again by fate. Primordial forces resurface, life beyond Earth and Lovecraftian entities once thought to be just mere tales show itself to human who try and deal with the elements awakened, alien life and it's own members who...

  • Loud House; Family Phantoms (Danny Phantom x TLH)
    452 29 2

    Inspired by Omegacrow-nexus' Omni-Force story. Danny, Sam, and Tucker fight an unknown ghost in the Ghost Zone, who then causes a rip in Space-Time which sends the three friends back into Earth but ended up somewhere else. At the same time. Lisa had built a very strange machine, designed to view a world unseen. When...

  • The Chaotic Loud
    137 4 1

    Lily Loud is still new to the Chaotic game, even after she was introduced to it by her brother when she was 11. But now, she's 15 and she's going to experience a whole lot more things than she'd bargained for. Note: I don't own Chaotic or TLH (But if I did own Chaotic, it would still be around)

  • Of Louds And Goddesses: Tidings in the Dark
    1.7K 65 13

    In an Alternate, futuristic version of the world that the Louds live in, Lincoln somehow ends up as the champion for an intergalactic goddess of an alien race known as The Great Hunger. Now trying to hide his new powers alongside training with this new goddess friend, he must figure out how to go against his own human...

  • Orange Hood (DC x TLH)
    796 49 3

    NSL AU. During his weeks of being outside, Lincoln goes out for a walk without the suit on, only to become the witness of a murder and becoming the next victim. When all hope seemed lost and he began to see the light, a man by the name Red Hood came to his rescue, killing the criminal and saving Lincoln's life, the m...

  • Symbiotic Louds
    109 7 1

    To put it simply: 15 year old Lana and Lola end up finding the symbiotes Venom and Carnage, which them get on them and turns them into superheroes. I didn't really think much of the description. Been a while, bare with me. All characters belong to their respective owners.

  • Rising Stars of Wrestling: Performance Center
    76 9 4

    Want to know how the next generation train? Let's take a look as head coach Ken Shamrock and the coaches trains new stars from around media, TV, And games to be new generation of superstars.

  • Ed Edd n Eddy Z: The Loud Attack
    354 27 10

    After the death of her mentor Professor Utonium and his creations the Powerpuff Girls, one student of his Lisa Loud made it her goal to carry out the professor's will with her own intentions, can the heroes stop Lisa's Goal and ending this once and for all? Or Will Lisa compete the Professor's goal by taking out the h...

  • Mightest Dog Fighter, Inuyasha
    396 22 4

    AU. Shikon High School is known to be train the generations to become strong fighters and other individuals with special talents of their own as well as to battle evil demons. Then a new student named Inuyasha Kiba has come to accomplish his dream of becoming the strongest fighter in the world as he will face many cha...

  • Bleach: Next Generation
    2.1K 153 16

    25 years after Ichigo defeated Yhwach and saved both the living world and Soul Society he decided to remain as a Shinigami. Ichigo and Rukia got married and had two children, their 17 year old son Yasashiro Kurosaki and his 12 year old sister, Satsuka Kurosaki. Yasashiro is working as a Shinigami alongside the childre...