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  • Fractured
    282K 11.6K 29

    What? You're upset because you can't get what you want? Be glad you didn't have everything stolen from you. ?Villain!Deku AU? ❣️A TodoDeku Fanfiction❣️ I only own the story, all art goes to none other than Kohei Horikoshi. [Completed 8/8/2018] [Undergoing Editing] Description: My R

  • The Underground
    120K 3.7K 12

    Because of his quirk, Izuku Midoriya had been abandoned by his father. His mother, who still believes him stayed by his side. Until a tragic incident happen. After that, Midoriya travel into the underground life. Doing everything he could to survive. Either stealing, fighting or even killing. After he gets caught, the...

  • Change of Mind (Villain Deku Au)
    51.3K 1.3K 11

    What happens when young Deku is captured by an elite group of villains working for the holder of All for One? How will his friends react when he suddenly appears fifteen years later as the #1 villain? Strong language at use. Slight bakudeku or maybe tododeku idk I'm still deciding. If you don't like boyxboy don't rea...

  • Drop Dead Dullahan!
    56.6K 2.4K 9

    [1st place BNHA Wattys General fanfics category] Izuku Midoriya is born with a rather peculiar quirk. After years of not finding out what his quirk was and the school bullies ragging on him, he finally decides that it was time to end it all. After attempting suicide he realizes that he cannot die, and due to some cir...

  • Deku (Villain Deku Fanfic)
    25.7K 766 7

    Deku a name given to Izuku Midoriya since childhood. A name meaning worthless. A name given to him because he was quirkless. • Years pass and the name had changed. Became something he wore proudly. The meaning of the name changed along with him. It became his hero name. • But who knew that name's meaning along with...

  • You owe Me your Life
    69.1K 2.2K 45

    Izuku meets Nanami, a Villain, and it turns his life upside down. /Bnha x OC //Villain Izuku

  • Death Manifest
    133K 4.7K 43

    Izuku Midoriya is a boy who has been bullied since a young age. In a world where quirks can cause being quirkless can be hell but what if you were seen to have a villian quirk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Villains Work {Villain!Deku AU} (Book 1)
    410K 14K 35

    **EDITING CURRENTLY** Izuku was a boy who desired to be a hero. Nothing in the world would alter his mind. Or so he imagined. When Izuku was kidnapped by the Villains, they showed their side of the story. Izuku has a choice to make: Join the Villains or Fight to be a Hero. Which will he choose? ______ I DIDN'T CREA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poison Apples and Mirrored Images~ Evil! Izuku
    4.2K 180 5

    "You were right Kacchan, I never could be a hero." ~ ~ ~ Izuku Midoriya has had enough. He would no longer be the weak quirkless child he was before but after he's rejected from entering his dream school U.A. he gives up. Fortunately, he stumbles upon the League of Villains who strike him a deal he can't refuse, a qu...

  • The Secret Lives They Never Knew
    507K 12.6K 36

    It started with a school festival idea. An idea that involved Izuku's secret. When the class notice his odd hurry, what will they discover of their cinnamon sun student? What secrets has he been hiding? Who really is Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya?

  • Villain Midoriya~ Where's your Precious Deku now?
    37.6K 1K 6

    Where's your precious Deku now? He's had enough! Even the kindest of Hearts can be colder than ice. When you've snapped it doesn't mean you have given up... it just means you've been through too much. "Deku" pfft, an idiotic name! NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING INVOLVING GORE OR YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS DYING PLEAS...

  • A New Beginning
    141K 4.2K 33

    The league of villains, Desperate, capture hundreds of quirk-less kids in the hope of making a army of nomous. In the end the heroes find them but are too late, Everyone in the facility is dead, Everyone except Izuku midoriya.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Worlds Greatest (villain Deku fanfic)
    46.9K 1.4K 11

    I deserve the electric chair for this💀💀💀 How y'all read this, it's just one fat paragraph 🤩😤😎 Shitty 2 chapters revised After Izuku sacrifices himself to the league of villains to save his friends he finds himself going through things that harm his mental and physical state,every single day for three mon...

  • Deku's Fall to Darkness
    157K 4.4K 23

    What if Deku had a quirk. Not born with one but given one by All for One and was later groomed by the man that Deku saw as his savior. In this story Deku will still have his motivation to become a hero be a major factor in most of his choices but how will his morals stand to the coming events.

  • Organised Protection (The Thin Grey Line One Shots)
    16.1K 1.4K 8

    A continuation of the Thin Grey Line Universe! ____________________ Credit for the cover goes to @ThatPsychoWoman

  • Condemned to Exile
    49.6K 2.2K 11

    As a child, there are asked many things you don't dare to think twice about, like your favourite colour, sweet, parent (or guardian), most of the times you're laughed at or encouraged to love and follow through with them... ...then there's what you aspire to be, your dreams, goal and desire, but when you suggest thing...