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    8.8K 591 35

    DEAD TOWN. Did it even exist? Is it just in the mind of a comatose person? What happens if a survivor leaves Dead Town? Will the thoughts or images of the ones they grew to love drive them crazy? Or will they find answers? SEQUEL TO DEAD TOWN

    11.6K 683 33

    More adventures. More drama. And yes, even so smut thrown in along the way.

  • Two's Company, Three's Love
    28.4K 1.6K 113

    Two bisexual men. One freaky woman. Can they make a polyamorous relationship last? Sorry for the crappy summary :(

    Completed   Mature
  • Live Again ( Book 3 )
    42.8K 2.4K 43

    Book 3 of my series. Book 1- "Unexpected House Guest", Book 2- "Ghostly Affair" For years, Avi avoided that spot on the floor at the foot of the stairs. The spot where his life ended also gave him back his life. So the journey continues for Avi, Kirstie and their friends.

    23.8K 1K 65

    Life in the swamp continues in this sequel to "Crazy Life".

    9.7K 594 22

    The power of LOVE is overpowering.

  • Oops! (Discontinued)
    4.9K 308 24

    Living a sinful life doesn't always mean you're evil. Living a good life doesn't make you a saint. Somewhere in the middle. Tim sinned but wasn't evil. Adam was a good man but wasn't a saint. Now that they both were deceased, they are rejected from their eternal homes, Heaven and Hell. Because of being somewhere in th...

    8.5K 469 22

    Some believe that when a person dies of a violent death, their spirits are not at rest. Some believe that there is a place between Heaven and Hell. DEADTOWN is both.

    38.7K 1.7K 72

    Chris and Adam Rupp, two brothers from Minnesota, leaves their boring lives behind for the adventure of a life time. Taking a road trip that leads them to the bayous of Louisiana. There they meet two brothers that leads an adventurous and crazy life.

  • Bad Habits (Book 2)
    1.1K 54 5

    (Follows the events of 'Colder Weather', but can be read alone.) Adam gave up almost everything he had for Tim and is now dying of boredom in an office job while his boyfriend tries his hardest to keep Adam's past a secret. However, when he receives a letter from a dreaded person and a party goes wrong, Adam spirals...

  • Road Trip (Home Free)
    23.6K 1.7K 103

    Who knew that a simple road trip could change so many lives forever.

    19.8K 874 53

    Life is a cobweb of paths to take. Many choose the wrong path. Their lives are torn apart, whether it was a crime of passion or a deadly obsession that cost human lives. They all end up behind STEEL BARS.

  • Starting Over
    45.4K 2.9K 85

    Two couples hoping to start their lives over. Will they be able to shed the drama that always seems to follow? A continuation from "the Ghostly Series"

    18.6K 1K 45

    A small laid back town in Georgia, a place where everyone knows everybody. A place where one would think they know their neighbor pretty well. Or do they.

    19K 983 42

    Two brothers, Chris and Adam Rupp, inherit a home along with the occupants. Four disabled men. A life-changing experience in more ways than one.

  • Borrowed (tidam)
    1.6K 75 6

    ( Home Free || AU based upon their 'How Nice I Really Am' video ) Adam can't help himself sometimes and 'borrows' a lot of things without people noticing. One day he attempts to 'borrow' something from Tim, who unfortunately still had that shiny thingy on his finger.

  • Colder Weather (Book 1)
    5.5K 241 17

    ( Home Free || Stripper AU! ) It's cold outside, but Tim and Austin planned a special prank for Rob's bachelor party and take him to a male strip club. Little does Tim know how things are going to change for him after he meets a certain cage dancer. (Warning for mentioned content and strong language.)

    15.5K 865 36

    When Slavery exist in a modern world, broken men are made. Their freedom is taken away and they are molded by the person known as their Master. Sometimes it takes the love of a stranger to try and put the pieces back together. And to undo the damage the former master has done.