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    What would it be like for Jack Avery to date a Paul Would you date a Paul that's more famous than the Paul brother's? Nadia Marie Paul finally meet her older brother's friends. Nadia has 1 million more subscribers on youtube because she started before them and she can sing This story will have Text Messages Instagr...

  • the pressure | jack avery ✓
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    "stealing never make anything better" "for you" in which jack works at a convenient store and always sees the same girl stealing, and finally decides to speak up.

  • Lifeless
    109 16 5

    A twelve year old girl runs away from her abusive father to find that her mother didn't really die from cancer....... she was murdered.......

  • F R E E ✔ [completed]
    249K 6.1K 89

    Where paths cross and 2 lives are thrown into a huge mess called love. A story where trust is your enemy, promises will kill you and only REAL LOVE will save you. ... A Zach Herron FanFiction Highest ranking: #10 in ZachHerron

  • The new girl // jack Avery fanfiction
    540K 11.2K 69

    Allison grace hill. She lived a perfect life. Had friends, rich parents, wealth and good health. She was just a plain normal girl. Over those though she was bullied.. so she needed a new fresh start. But what happens when she moves to Los Angeles? Meets these five boys but what if her best friend Riley gets in the way...

  • Unexpected Love//Zach Herron
    272K 4K 62

    Your Logan Paul's secret little sister. His fans dont know who you are.Your basically just an average teen. But when you move to LA and your brother forces you to go to a party you Fall onto someone. You would've never guessed how much your life would Change right there and then.

  • It All Started With Isla (A Jack Avery FanFiction)
    1.1K 38 3

    Iris Browning moves and creates a special sisterly bond with the little girl next door, but what she doesn't know is that Isla's older brother is famous and after one FaceTime she can't stop thinking about him.

  • Ocean eyes||Corbyn besson
    873K 28.3K 113

    "Oh my gosh, I was sure your name was Jeff on the app, please don't spit in my food" "Why would I spit in your food? Who's Jeff?" In which a girl just trying to message her postmates driver gets one number wrong, and falls for the boy with the ocean eyes -Book one in the Texting series- Highest rank:27

  • Uber||Zach Herron
    320K 12.5K 49

    {DISCONTINUED} "Maybe Uber can be our always" In which a boy who was sending a text to his uber driver sends it to a girl instead and it turns out to be the best mistake he's ever made -Second book in the texting series- Highest ranking in fanfiction:86

  • Into My Heart•Jack Avery
    7.2K 129 25

    18 year old Lexi Paul decides to move to LA with her brothers Logan and Jake Paul. Logan introduces her to the why don't we boys. When you and Jack become closer you guys suddenly fall for each other. In this story there are some ups and downs. Aka, This is my first ever book on here, so I try my best on these chapte...

  • CRASH // Jack Avery (Complete)
    72.4K 1.6K 37

    Sydney Wellcott was on the search for a hot dog cart, on a mission to buy a plain hot dog for a hungry 7-year-old Skyler Harper. Jack Avery was doing tricks and speeding down a hill to impress the people of Instagram on request of Jonah Marais. COVER CREDITS TO @lalalandbih

  • A Mermaid Tail // Why Don't We Fan Fiction
    86.3K 1.7K 30

    3 tails. 5 guys. Can they keep their secret?

  • Adopted By Why Don't We [Completed]
    267K 8.4K 60

    [Completed] Kristen is a rebellious teenager who acts out because of her rough childhood. Her parents never wanted her and was immediately sent to the orphanage after her birth. She was adopted couple of times but was always sent back due to her behavior. Around age thirteen, Kristen met a group of kids who drinks, an...

  • The Directors Little Sister ✔ J.A.
    447K 9.9K 78

    Emily loves photography, and when her big brother Logan asks her to take a few photos for the band he's working with, Emily meets Jack. **** this is just a Fanfiction. character traits have been changed to suit the story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lillian Paul// Vlog Life
    371K 6.5K 61

    This was my first book so it's really bad I'm sorry 😂 -Lillian Mae Paul is 17 years old and is the sister of Logan & Jake Paul. She lives with Logan in his apartment but what happens when the Why Don't We Boys come over and she meets them? There is heartbreak and love in this story. It's full of surprises. Read to fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Gift Of My Voice (Jack Averyfanfic )
    198K 4.9K 45

    17 year old Bella Lawson a shy girl from Sydney who left her life she had and moved to L.A sadly after her mothers death to live with her dad . Her love of singing got her through the hard times and brought a smile everytime she sang from the gift of her voice from her mother. Only she knows about Bella isn't exactly...

  • Everything She Was (Sequel to After everything We've Been Through )
    39.8K 1.6K 55

    After a tragedy, after the pain and hurt, The now 14 year old Bailey has to face the world without her mother. 10 years to be exact and Jack has had to be there for her the way Bella couldn't. Bailey has crush, has a voice and wants to fa fill her mothers dream. But things get in her way, one of them being herself. Le...

  • After Everything We've Been Through (Sequel to after newyork)
    42K 1K 28

    Bella and Jack, there the love story that you've all followed, had your heart strings pulled by, shed a few tears, shared a few laughs. But what happens when the love story started falling apart and there "perfect" world came crashing down and they were brought back to reality. Jack Avery the curly haired boy Bella La...

  • After New York (sequel to Gift of a voice )
    70.9K 1.7K 27

    After New York when Bella returns from her adventure away and the boy she lifted behind, she is faced with a new problem. The scars and the memories of New York to over came and have to remember constantly. After a trady and even more bad experiences. Bella looks at a lot of things differently, singing got her throug...

  • him •jack avery
    1M 28.5K 100

    Grayson London Black goes to a new arts school in Los Angeles.. When she meets Jack Avery, a boy there with a singing major, she forgets why she's really there and gets distracted by him and his friends. They instantly connect and become inseparable. Who will cause trouble for their relationship? (: highest rating 13...

  • Zach Herron Fanfiction
    190K 3.3K 71

    I am a sixteen year old girl just living a normal life until a black van pulls into my driveway than they changed my life...

  • How wdw became a band
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    This story is about how 5 teenage boys became one