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  • Escaping the Foundation
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    Mark(Markiplier), Sean(Jacksepticeye) and Felix(Pewdiepie) were framed by Antisepticeye and his colleagues. They were send to prison only to found themselves working for the secret organization called SCP Foundation. They become Class D personnel boys which are the lowest rank in the Foundation. But little do they kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lukercy One-Shots
    60.3K 1.1K 17

    It's Gay. It's Fun. It's the ship that you either hate or love. I don't own the characters. Those belong Uncle Rick.

  • As Soon As I Get Back (Luke Castellan) (Lukercy)
    12.5K 305 4

    Percy realized how screwed he had been. He had been gone for a year, there's no reason for him to still miss Luke Castellan. Especially after what Luke did to them. But he did. He missed him a lot. And he thought dating someone would help, but it really hasn't.

  • Demon: Book 1
    4.3M 222K 73

    -Demon Series: Book 1- Aden Perri has problems. The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits. And proceeds to move on a little too quickly. His friends disappear, leaving him to spend the summer alone. His mother buys a dog. Aden hates dogs. The scar on his leg confirms it. ...

  • #NancyDrew Writing Contest
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    Share an original unsolved mystery in the comments and tag #NancyDrew for a chance to win!

  • Jack's Accent
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    Jack Frost has an accent, but he was able to change it as history did. Now, he only has it when he gets really mad. What happens when a fight with Bunnymund reveals it? (by DiamondDemigod)

  • unusual love (masky x ticci toby)
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    *all pictures belong to me*

  • History Humor
    2.1M 127K 120

    Jokes of mostly history, because I have to share it.

  • Eddsworld Smut. All ships.
    4.4K 49 6

    read the title.. I do all ships and do recomendations, no matter how dirty it is. give me recommendations REEEEEEEEEE. Sorry.. ON TO THE STORY.

  • Darkness (Antisepticeye X Darkiplier) *completed*
    50.7K 722 107

    4 words per chapter No smut/lemon just a cute, demonic ride of FRIENDSHIP... kinda, WARNING YOU MIGHT NEED KLEENEX Î̶̭̄ ̵͚̮̦̔̏͝f̵̲͕̣̆̾e̸̡̗̤͌̔̕l̵̯͐̐t̶͕̖̠͌̔̑ ̶̞̻̂̊͜b̸̢̡̙̑͗ȑ̵̨̜̰̄a̷̟͑́̕n̴͙̟̫̒̀͝d̷̻̐̇ ̶̫̈̓͛ͅṋ̴͓́̅ê̷̤w̶̨̞̄͝.̸͕̰͌ ̷̧̥̗͊̏ ̵͔̄ ̵̨̣͛͜ ̴̣͙͝ ̸͙͉͋̿͝ ̵̳̲͈́̔ ̵̤̲̌ͅ ̷͚͊͝ ̸̜͉̰͑̒͝ ̷̭͚̾͆ ̶̢̆ ̶̻͎̽̇ ̵̣̦̊̆̉ ̵̺̻̰̓...

  • Dear Daughter [TomTord]
    368K 11.1K 42

    It's been 16 years since Tom's fateful decision. Tika is in the care of the Rebellion Base with her two favorite, awesome uncles. She grew up not knowing who her real parents are and her uncles were quick to change the topic every time she brought it up. Even the soldiers around the base knew but wouldn't tell her th...

  • His Favorite [TomTord]
    867K 26.1K 45

    The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged throughout the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red Army has conquered most of the eastern side of the world, the western side still struggling to remain free. In England, they struggled to keep themselv...

  • Ash's journey- my way
    125K 2.3K 45

    This is Ash Ketchum's journey how I think it should be. Ash Ketchum, a boy who was abandoned and then raised by Pokémon. But one day the Pokémon get hunted and the one and only mew takes ash in. Ash is now ten years old and is way more mature then his age and can also talk Pokémon. Mew is the adopted mother of Ash. T...

  • Pirates Life For Me! (Billdip) ON HOLD
    122K 4.3K 20

    Under the water there are legends told throughout the ages.... Myths that drive men insane in the hopes that they'll find them.... The most popular legend is the one of the Mermaid.. Most foretell it's of beautiful women would have the bottoms of fish and sing beautiful melody... Though that isn't terribly wrong, it i...

  • Billdip - Is this feeling called Love?
    101K 3.8K 20

    Dipper caught Bill to destroy him after he came back after years and years, but unfortunately thing don't go as planned... This is my first fanfic and I hope you like it, it will include smut and I'll update as much as I can!

  • Burnt toast
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    would any one read this???