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  • The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long)
    114K 1.8K 42

    The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)

  • my mute mother (male reader x RWBY)
    35.1K 403 13

    Alone, abandoned, a baby in...a dumpster what happens when a 10 year old girl finds a one year old boy with a post-it note on him that has his basic info and makes it her mission to take care of him

  • Stay Away From Me!
    8.7K 229 6

    (Ruby x Weiss/ Whiterose) (High-School AU) [REVAMPED] Weiss Schnee, current heiress to the Schnee Ammunition Company, has officially turned 17. Her freshman days will be attending Beacon Academy, a prestigious school for teenagers. Despite being accepted into Beacon and being heiress, those are mere factors in her li...

  • The Lesson Of Loyalty (Ruby Rose x Male, Villain Reader)
    20.7K 222 19

    Deep in the forest, lives Y/N, he learned to live with the Grimm and their soulless ways, he plans to infiltrate Beacon Academy. But a Rose may change his plan; will he revert to the Hunters and Huntresses of Beacon, or will darkness prevail?

  • Cold Hearted, But Still A Hero:RWBY Harem x Bullied Male Reader
    44.6K 613 7

    "I've lost everything precious and extremely important to me. But this goal...I'm NOT losing this! Not to the likes of any of you!" F/n IceBrooke is a young male who lost everything he cherised immensely, especially his parents and his little sister. Even after, he's been forced to survive in the harsh world of Remnan...

  • The Forgotten Child (Son Of Blake Belladonna Male Reader X RWBY)
    31.5K 679 9

    Y/N Belladonna. The son of Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus. A father that is a radical white fang member. The other that is ex white fang member. What happens when Y/N was left with his grandmother, Kali Belladonna? What happens when Blake discovers her son is longer the same? I don't own anything but plot!

  • Nothing Lasts Forever. ( RWBY Harem X Cheated Male Reader)
    20.1K 312 5

    What happens when Y/N finds those he loves shattered his heart? What will happen to him? What will happen to the others? Will they heal his heart? Will they fail? I don't own anything but plot!

  • I'LL PROTECT YOU MY CHILD!!!(Overprotective RWBY Girls x Male Child Reader)
    53.2K 558 6

    Meet (Y) (L) a cute and Innocent 3 year old. That warms the most evil of hearts

  • Make It Hurt... |RWBY X Male Reader|
    15K 190 8

    x male reader

  • I'm My Own Master (Hated Crescent Rose Male Reader X RWBY)
    18.1K 422 4

    I was a weapon. A weapon with only one purpose. To protect my user. Ruby Rose. But let me tell you one thing. I serve no one but myself. I don't own anything but plot!

  • The Wolf and The Rose (Rwby x Male reader)
    43.8K 460 10

    (This is my first Story hope u enjoy and leave some comments on how i did)

  • Why(RWBY Harem X Undercover Male Reader)
    30.7K 511 7

    Y/N L/N abandons his friends at Beacon Academy for those against them. How will his friends at Beacon Academy react? What will happen to him leaving them? What will happen to their friendship? I don't own anything but plot!

  • Neo's little Scoop of Ice Cream
    12.5K 140 6

    You are Neo's son.

  • Don't Leave(Cheated Faunas Male Reader X RWBY Harem)
    72.5K 1K 9

    What happens when Y/N finds his girlfriend cheating on him? What will he do? Leave? Abandon? Kill? I don't own anything in the book!

  • Beacon's lil Hoodlum (Male Reader X RWBY)
    33.9K 448 24

    Raised to be a hero in a family filled with legends, banished from not only his home but entire kingdom and driven down a beaten path. Y/n has had a wild-life up till now but with the help of Beacons headmaster and four unlikely teammates. Will Y/n find the flame to be a hero once more or will he break the shackles of...

  • The Bored God (Male Reader X RWBY)
    138K 1.7K 42

    Y/n L/n....An Enigma...The supposed third brother God. His strength was the greatest amongst the three, and he held their respect. When boredom struck, he incarnated into human form and helped a hero save a damsel in distress. However, the day when the damsel rebelled against the brother gods and humanity ended, the t...

  • RWBY Harem x Male Reader - As Long as the Stars Shine
    1.9K 37 3

    It's just as the Title says, so I don't have to explain anything AT ALL. But for convenience sake, I'll write a bit. Y/n gets transmigrated to another world-Remnant after somehow surviving the tragedy at his Home Planet-Earth. Y/n somehow gets himself admitted to an academy which trains hunters and huntresses-Beacon a...

  • Oath-keeping Rose (RWBY Summer Rose x Male Reader)
    26K 520 9

    Upon first sighting, both (Y/N) and Summer looked nothing alike which was the farthest thing from the truth possible. There was many reasons why these two twins would want to distance their appearance from each other, most of all being the nature of their relationship. Of course, things were only bound to change with...

  • Madness Makes The Whole World Go Round (RWBY x Insane! Male Reader)
    14.1K 325 8

    What a wonderful day, the skies are dark, the moon is out, and the world is full of wonderful things to see. From dead bodies, to pools of blood, it is quite a sight for everybody. All those people, were killed from where they stood, and they never even had a chance to be merciful in life, so I took from i...

  • Pet, friend or boyfriend(furry Male Reader X RWBY)
    24.3K 306 7

    The title says it all as well as the first chapter. My description Will be there.

  • Raquaza Male reader x RWBY
    12.3K 126 6

    Hope you enjoy this RWBY x Raquaza male reader fanfic

  • Male! Keyblade Weilder x RWBY
    15.5K 218 5

    first male insert. please enjoy and let me know what you think.

  • RWBY : Like Mother Like Daughter(Female Version)
    6.4K 128 3

    Y/n Grimm was the boyfriend of many girls back when he has in Beacon academy, he had everything he could want beautiful women, beautiful daughters and he was one of the most famous huntsmen ever but one day he disappeared without a trace, 14 yest later he returns to find out that not only do his girlfriends still love...

  • Whiterose (Ruby X Male Schnee)
    406 9 2

    (If Weiss is your favorite character then turn back now) As Weiss Schnee travel to Beacon, her twin brother went along with her, unknown to Weiss her Brother has also applied to become a huntsman.

  • The Grimm virus ( male reader x RWBY)
    30K 334 7

    ( RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth) Years before the beacon academy. A virus known as the Grimm virus plagued through the land of Remnant. For those who are bitten will turn to into a Grimm. Years later humans and Faunus evolved and are now immune to the virus. But what if a human boy the next generation of his family...

  • Neo x Fem reader
    7.8K 167 12

    (Y/n) is a wolf Faunus (is it like that how we spell it? I don't know but I'll stick with that) she is currently 17 years old. She applied to go to beacon academy. But she waits for her confirmation. She had a rough start with neo. But it'll probably be better soon right? I mean the title says it all. But how is it go...

  • Peaceful intentions (Rwby harem x male reader)
    12.2K 80 10

    A boy that wants no more than peace. To have what he wished for for all of his heart. With his new power he might be able to make that dream come true.

  • Too Much Adventure (Op Male reader x RWBY)
    39.5K 608 20

    Y/n l/n was an average kid. Like many others he wanted to be a huntsman. Until one day he was transported to another world. Time skip to 10 years later Y/n has saved countless worlds and just wants to relax and go back home. He gets his wish... kind of. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now he's been placed...

  • The Lost Ink (RWBY x Batim)
    2.3K 41 3

    There was a happy child in a far or hidden village that had a rare kind of faunus. The faunuses have thrived and lived in peace for many years until one day tragedy struck in the village and had the child had to run. Many moons have passed since then and the child was surviving to get through the days saddened and hea...