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  • Accused | A HunterXHunter FanFiction | SLOW
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    Mirth encapsulated her, in her tapestry of thick calloused scars; brimming and as casual as blemishes to her stern eyes. "This organization is an underground work of ... miscreants. We tend to strive for our passion, for items not available to us in youth. Wealth." Chrollo clasped his hands, his fingers pressing at h...

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
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    There's nothing that sticks out as peculiar in Rein's memory. When she'd woken up as a blank slate, she'd been guided back into life and everything had been normal. Rein loves that normal, or rather, hates the idea of the life she knows being thrown away, of being left to drown in utter cluelessness once more. She wa...

  • raindrops [hunter x hunter oneshots]
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    "raindrops that came from heaven opposes the sunlight that you're craving for." be wary of the angsty content. we don't do fairytales here. we only cry, get angry, and lament. cover credits : StarYultuzay

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    ☠Monster.☠ ☠Lunatic. ☠Psycho. ☠ ☠The girl who was called Viper was bloody thirsty and without a conscience.☠ ☠The only one that could stop her? The doctor who had became immune to her poison☠ [Leorio x OC] ☠January 8th, 2016☠

  • Breaking Rules | HunterXHunter Fanfiction
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    Witches -special women gifted with god-like powers, unlike any known to man. They're all myths. At least that's what most of us would've thought. Nowadays, if not a myth, told by grown-ups to scare little children to bed, their story remains written in the pages of the history books as one of the few feared being...

  • The One Thing I Can't Fight (Killua X OC)
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    When Usagi Ametsuchi meets Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio at the Hunter Exam, the five quickly become friends. However, they find out fast enough that Usagi's family is not one to be taken lightly; the Ametsuchi's are famous assassins, neck-and-neck with the Zoldycks and nicknamed Hell's Dolls for being so emotionl...

  • Invisible {GonXReader}
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    ♕ 2nd place Winner of the 2016 HxHWattyAwards ♕ ----------------------------------------------------- Have you ever wanted to be seen? Most people would raise their voice until recognized. Then, if still unnoticed, some would even go to physical contact. Maybe even a push or pull would be necessary to turn them...

  • Heaven's Empress ||COMPLETE||
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    |1ST PLACE IN HISOKA FOR HUNTERXHUNTER WATTYS| Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a magical kingdom. The princess was as fair as she was kind. When she was born, a horrible witch put a curse on her. To save her life, the princess was forced to live in a tower that no man was able to se...

  • Nightcrawler | hunter × hunter
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    ❝SLEEP WELL LITTLE ONE - BECAUSE WHO KNOWS THE NEXT TIME YOU'LL BE ABLE TO。❞ _____________ NIGHTCRAWLER [hunter × hunter] storyline © era (saranity-)

  • Win His Heart (Killua X OC)
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    "He was never mine, but losing him broke my heart." I had high hopes for this vacation. I expected a fun reunion with all four of my friends. Shopping downtown with my love walking right beside me. The warmth I felt when he smiled down at me. He would laugh and then say the three simple words and eight letters that me...

  • Crossroads [Hunter X Hunter]
    4.4K 225 16

    ~Cover by @CottontailMorlace ~ Reina, a die hard anime lover, was a shunned prodigy, but a gifted writer who always wondered whether anyone can go to the anime world. It was after she completed her very first book about the fictional world called animeverse, when she realised something absolutely unexpected and imposs...

  • I Will Fight For You [TOTICF Book 2] (Killua X OC)
    14.7K 604 24

    After the separation of Killua, Gon, and Usagi at the World Tree, Killua and Usagi along with Alluka head off to explore the world. Not long since their departure do they get a letter saying that some old acquaintances will be at Battle Royale- the esteemed fray amongst Hunters that occurs every decade, and they're in...

  • Hunters X and X Heroes
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    They burned "to listen, to execute, and to want nothing" as an emblem across Rukei's heart. Orders sit as a dictator over Rukei's head. The very will and intentions of someone else run through Rukei's veins. Still, cut Rukei, and you will know she bleeds- with color hotter, hungrier, so much brighter than red- "give m...

  • Nen X Discussions
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    One of the fascinating aspects of HUNTER x HUNTER is the idea of 'Nen', the control of aura, which seems to be so simple but takes so many different forms that really keeps one engaged with the abilities and powers within the show. This here is for discussions on Nen, finding your Nen type, or maybe taking that a ste...

  • Out of Touch
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    Akari was not an ordinary girl. She had lived in a harsh place for most of her life. Due to circumstances in her past, she dresses like a boy. She has short, red hair, piercing green eyes and oddly pale skin which she usually hid under her black cloak. She had left her old tattered life to start her new one she neede...

  • YOUNG GOD // hxh
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    Princes are created to be kings-rulers, if you will. The same could be said to tyrants, more or less. Almost the same as dynasties and kingdoms are created from the image and spoils of war; humanity has made history by overthrowing one another, this is the infallible principle of our long history on this earth. Though...