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  • So-Called Accidents ✔
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    (So-Called Series Book 1) Hannah Griffin was the only one insane enough to believe her family was not lost in random accidents. Or was she holding on to anything instead of giving in to pain? Obviously no one believes her. Hell, she doesn't believe herself. But she's willing to try anything if it means the deaths woul...

  • CLOSED The Butterfly Award 2020 (English)
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    *The Butterfly award 2020* *Open (CLOSED) *Judges STARTED JUDGING Do you want your book to be famous? Participate now in The Butterfly Award. You can win great prizes and you can register any books you want. As long as you follow the rules. Also judges are welcome. Be the first one, you wouldn't regret it. :) Data...

  • The Woman He Broke - English Version
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    Mago Concepcion would hit on any woman for as long as she is not a virgin. Arlene Mejorada, a virgin, would do anything to make Mago love her.

  • Royal Fuckery.
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    "A Prince and a Peasant sitting in a tree K I S S I N G ." - unknown. ___ "It's all false." The Prince stared straight into his father's eyes. "I have never laid my eyes on this girl in my entire existence, father." Prince added. "Very well." The King said thoughtfully. "Young lady you have to be punished for having...

    Completed   Mature