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  • Prince with Benefits
    106M 430K 11

    After a bad break up, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England. Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled wit...

  • The Beast of Stornoway [Wattys Bootcamp 2020]
    598K 40.9K 133

    **COMPLETE** The Beast of Stornoway is a vague and modern retelling of the classic story Beauty and the Beast, however, it's not a story for sweet little girls. LORD VAN BLARCUM is a businessman, landowner, and bachelor who prefers his isolated life on his Manor in Stornoway, caring more for his horses than any meanin...

    Completed   Mature
  • More Than This
    123K 6.2K 47

    Amber has a secret, one that she hates. When the school bad boy finds out, she realizes he isn't who he seems to be. Garrett is hiding something. When he runs into Amber, he knows his past has caught up to him. Matt can do no wrong in the eyes of most of the student body. When Garrett steps in, his world starts to fal...

  • The New Doctor! A Doctor Who Alternate History Story
    229 5 63

    This is a Doctor Who fanfic, like you've never seen before. Not a Doctor Who story, not quite, although it contains Doctor Who stories. It's an alternate history story about the making of Doctor Who... Or about a particular version of Doctor Who, in a particular time and place. You see, in 1989, Doctor Who was cance...

  • Prince Charming Must Die
    164K 4K 43

    When a lonely princess discovers her husband, Prince Charming, is married to six other royals, will the jilted spouses help or hinder her quest for revenge? *...

  • After the Rain
    839K 38.9K 50

    When Juliet Warren's drunken boyfriend drives his car into a light post weeks before his college graduation, she wants a fresh start someplace else to forget the memories and the past. She moves across country to a new city. There she befriends Andrea, a classmate she meets her first day of journalism school. They str...

  • Lexi's Undoing | Book 1
    26.1M 742K 66

    Lexi just knew her birthday weekend would be worthy of myths and legends. How right she was. ******* After years of boarding school and chaperoned dances, Lexi Maxwell is ready to detour from the...

  • Take Out Chef
    14.1M 550K 50

    *Now an Audiobook form HachetteAudio & Wattpad* When Jessie enters the new cooking school, she's bound to crush on her bad-boys classmates; instead, she finds herself intrigued by the alluring presence of her teacher, Chef Bryan. He's arrogant, bossy and moody on the outside. However, he seems to have a sweet spot for...

  • Just A Kiss Goodnight
    380K 16.7K 64

    Kate Sullivan has made a highly successful career out of being a geek and is enjoying the opportunities it creates. When she meets Tom Hiddleston, the impact he has on her life is one she couldn't have ever imagined. I don't own any of the celebrities named in this work, only the fictional characters created. All righ...

  • Detergent {Divergent Parody}
    61K 2.3K 28

    The first you should know is that this is a VERY short version of Divergent; and it's been called the "best parody on here" by several different users. Don't believe me? I shall prove it. ************************ In Trisha Pretor's dystopian Toront...

  • Clockwork Cowboy
    54.3K 4.2K 54

    Ten years after her family avoided imminent imprisonment by sneaking aboard an airship headed for Wyoming, Nova Radcliffe is once again on the brink of losing everything. But things are about to get worse. An outlaw has entered Little River to escape persecution from the powerfully corrupt. Jese Calhoun searches for...

  • For People Like Me
    4.2K 70 7

    Hello world, I love to read and I'm obsessed with this wonderful website/app/community that is Wattpad. As the title may suggest I have created this "story" for people like me. Simple readers and people that enjoy nothing more than a good book. So this will be some sort of "best books on Wattpad". I will only choose t...

  • The Aftermath Of You
    77.8K 4.2K 51

    It's been a long time since the unfortunately-named Toni Handcock ventured outside. She'd far rather stay on the sofa and eat warmed-up soup instead, but she is determined to move on from her old relationship, and even put on a bit of weight! Everything Toni tries soon turns pear shaped and she is forced to face her p...

  • When the Bus Stopped
    233K 9.6K 32

    When Lucy Falkwell loses control of her house bus on a lonely alpine road in New Zealand, she finds herself in the midst of opera-singer Alessandro Magno's latest music video. She mistakenly believes she's stumbled upon a horrific crime scene. Lucy, a free-spirited eco-warrior, is ignorant of the world lying between...