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  • ~ Elyza and Alicia ~
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    Two girls Elyza Lex and Alicia Clark are living in the apocalypse later on they meet and form a close bond. How will they save the people they care about and protect each other?

  • Clexa smut fanfics
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    As I said SO many times before I find these one shots on tumblr and they never mention the author so I don't know who they are. If you know them please let me know. No need for drama lol. WARNING: do NOT read if you don't like smut

  • Her Weakness
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    Basically what I hope happens after part one of the finale (of the 100). I love the idea of Clarke and Lexa so they're going to be endgame in this. This is basically just to take the sting off of Lexa's betrayal. Whoops, spoiler! There will be more of those in here.