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  • sister ー jjk
    5.2M 173K 111

    what happens when you finally meet your brother's youngest bandmate, who happens to be the same age as you and loved by millions? "Oh God! He is going to murder me!" "No, because I'll murder him." A story full of cuteness, video games, bickering, rivalry, competitiveness, bangtan, a great bestfriend and an over-protec...

  • Trash 쓰레기 {Yoonmin} (COMPLETED)
    299K 17.5K 46

    "Why would you like trash like me?" Highest Ranking #5 for a Yoonmin book ♥ thank you my dear friends

    Completed   Mature
  • Bangtan's Baby•BTS•
    340K 15.5K 28

    "Whose fucking baby is this?" Namjoon cursed, not caring of how mishandled the baby in his arms was. "NOT MINE!" All the other members stated in unison. - Where a baby pops out of nowhere in Bangtan's busy life. How well do these 7 guys handle it? - Started: 15 January 2018 Ended: - LOVELY COVER BY: YOONGSBBYG ✨ - H...

    377K 25.7K 44

    "Such an innocent father and I have the power to rule the country. We also have the money to. You be a bad girl and we take away your father's money with just one meeting with his boss. It's super easy...I can do it right now, sweet cheeks. What do you say, hm? You'll be obedient?" BOSS -> OBEDIENCE

  • He Is Not Cute At All || COMPLETED
    6.2M 217K 50

    HIGHEST RANKING : #2 in fanfiction OMG ?? (May 08, 2018) ❤️????❤️????❤️???? His cute personality was all just an act for you to worry about him and to let you take care of him. He was very in love with you and wanted your full attention on him. The truth is his true self is a very mature, manly and sexy too.

  • Jimin X Reader
    68.5K 2.1K 27

    Y/N is just an average girl who suddenly meets her favorite BTS member Jimin but what happens after this sudden meet up...

  • Falling For The Jerk [[COMPLETED Jungkook FanFic]]
    7.8M 206K 44

    Jung EunMi lives a life with an annoying freak, Jeon Jungkook. EunMi hates Jungkook, and Jungkook hates EunMi. A love-hate relationship. Read to find out what happens. I know this doesn't sound so interesting because I don't know what to write to make you people interested, sorry. ★Please do not plagiarize★ ☆Th...

  • Destined to Be Yours ✔
    455K 8.7K 209

    (Highest Rank in Fanfiction : #15) (Highest Rank in btsjimin : #75) Byun Jihyun a beautiful girl that everyone adores except for the bully group BTS. She hates that group especially Park Jimin (a.k.a the school's playboy/heartthrob). Park Jimin a member of the bully group called BTS he is famous for being the most han...

  • Yandere kpop (one-shots)
    253K 5K 38

    ☁️Request closed☁️ Warning; Love may cause Heartbreak, insanity, sadness,Anger, and Why won't you love me back? 【boyXboy】 【ReaderXboy】 【boyXboyXboy】

  • Lust | JiKook
    1.5M 81.5K 30

    "If this is what hell feels like, then I'm not afraid to die."

  • Bangtan Snaps: My Edit [Completed]
    223K 7.3K 95

    These were created by me so enjoy!! Some content may be too graphic Read at own risk

    Completed   Mature
  • Connected 2 || JJK
    241K 7.5K 31

    ❝When destiny bring 2 people together❞ ***Please read Book 1 first*** ❗❗GIFS DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, IT BELONGS TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS❗❗ Started: August 4 2016 Ended: November 30 2016

  • Infatuation | JiKook
    1M 69.1K 46

    "Why are you looking at me like you know who I am?" [Sequel to "Lust"]

  • BTS' Little Sister
    467K 12.1K 101

    Living with seven brothers beats it all.In this book, are some of those experiences you have with them. This is about your life - as the youngest sister of seven brothers . So, Welcome to the Kim Family, Kim Y/n. ----- Requests open (please dm) ---- Most Impressive Achievements : #6 in jinnie #8 in wattpadreader #10...

  • Flower Boy | YoonSeok
    1.2M 84K 46

    "Roses are red, violets are blue-" "Violets are purple, believe me I would know."

  • Jin's Dad Jokes
    2.2M 138K 112

    ❝Shit Seokjin Says❞ ; a jin pun a day makes you happy all day ; #1 in random // 170603 ; credits to the rightful owners for some of the translations Jin's Dad Jokes ©ultseoks 2016

  • bad boy| pjm
    8.3K 321 42

    Sometimes he can be kind but also an asshole ++ [On editing]

  • Bts Kidnapped Me?! ||BtsXreader||~1~
    1.5M 47.9K 50

    ~COMPLETE~ // cover by @btscherrykiwi // You were Korean but the thing is you never care about kpop idol before. Until one day, you being forced by your friend to go to the fan meeting that change your life.... If it not you better prepare your flying donkey and fly from wherever you are. It better like that tho~~ ||B...

  • " I fell in love with a fan 2 " [ COMPLETED ]
    220K 6.3K 20

    " are you really asking for a divorce right now? " He nodded while looking at you in the eyes letting you know he was serious. " is this what you really want? " " yes, this is the only way to fix it " You thought being married to taehyung would be different. [ book cover credits to full owner ]

  • stories of taekook. oneshots.
    151K 5.5K 32

    "hey, kids, it's storytelling time!" a group of children ran to him. he smiles as he opens his mouth to tell the stories of two individuals. {some (all) of the oneshots are corny}

  • destined ▶▷ taekook
    71.2K 2.4K 45

    oneshots compilation. ☆

  • ...
    3.2M 89.5K 895

    for bighit's boy group ; scans by @/loonascans on twt

  • Living with BTS (A Bangtan Fanfiction)
    291K 7.9K 26

    Your parents sent you to live with your cousin for three months while they'll be gone. It's been a while since you've seen him, but you know that he is in a band now, so you'll live with the members of his group as well.

  • twisted; jjk + pjm
    242K 8.7K 11

    ❝ from now on, you will call me daddy. understood, baby boy? ❞ + sequel to play

    Completed   Mature
  • The Monster From The Shadows
    86K 5.7K 30

    'The image of Kyungsoo's face is etched into her mind, followed by Chanyeol's, Jongin's, and Chen's. She didn't regret her decision to stay with Kris. But she regrets that she had to leave them. She wish she didn't have to choose.' It had been several months since Autumn, Kris, Zitao, and Luhan had been released. Shel...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Monster Under The Bed
    104K 6.1K 27

    "People say love and hate are two completely different things. What they fail to realize is that both emotions spawn from the same source: a flaming passion. Whether that passion is negative or positive determines what it can become." Autumn joined the Exo Clan to save herself and her friends. But the secrets hidden w...

  • The Monster From The Nightmares
    205K 9.6K 30

    He looks down on her sleeping, shivering form. She was in a cage, he put her there. He liked her there. So weak. So pathetic. So vulnerable.... ....He relishes in her screams. After her, he'd just find another. He always did. Autumn is their next victim. Book One of The Monsters trilogy

  • Love triangle [Jimin/Jungkook Fan Fiction]
    304K 9K 38

    A girl named Soo Young used to date Ji Min and is in the journey to find her older brother, she got back with Ji Min after missing him so much and that's when Jungkook came into her life and everything turned upside down. Who will she choose ? Jungkook or Jimin ?

  • Kpop Imagines
    870 47 6

    In this story there will be one shots and imagines.

  • My Sister's Yandere Boyfriend X Reader
    497K 10.3K 53

    Jungkook is Y/N's sister's boyfriend. He falls in love with Y/N while he is with her sister.But what will happen when that "love" turn into obssesion? Just read and you will find out.