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  • Royal Academy: School of Gods and Goddesses
    154K 8K 34

    COMPLETED | UNDER MAJOR-MAJOR REVISION The most powerful creature and heiress to Utopia's throne, Green Lemon's existence, threatens the whole Therra Universe, causing the Trinity to hide her in the mortal world until the right time comes for her to fulfill her destiny. *** Green Lemon lives a simple life in the morta...

  • Nascent Internecine: War of Transients
    27.3K 1.3K 38

    Nascent Internecine is a war, yet no one knows who will really survive. Welcome to Artesian Academy! Wienerzel Fantasy Series #1 Book cover credits to: Pzalm Franzenne Begasin (@franzenneee)

  • Divine League (On Hold)
    777 51 8

    LONG ago, Landberry was divided in three territories. The Divine League that keeps the world's peace, the unnatural creatures called the Danger Hollows who haven't made any appearance and move yet, and the said to be the Forsaken which is the missing territory of the three. But time passed by and for an untold reason...

  • The Faded Spark | TID #1
    222K 6.8K 32

    [COMPLETED / UNEDITED] 1st Installment of The Infidus Duology --- • The Wattys 2020 Winner under New Adult category • Under RomancePH's Romantic Bliss reading list --- After being cheated twice, Nausicaa was wary about entering into another relationship; however, Zachary's persistence convinced her to take a chance on...

  • Awakening Of The Vampire Prince (OMIAVP BOOK 2)
    14.7K 455 49

    Sa muling paggising ng Light Vampire Prince,mapipigilan kaya niya ang paghahasik ng lagim ng kanyang mga kalaban?Magtatagumpay kaya siya?Sundan ulit ang pakikipaglaban nila sa mga masasamang bampira hanggang sa katapusan. #748 in Wattys2019 Date: August 4, 2019 #801 in Wattys2019 Date: August 15, 2019 #633 in Wattys20...

  • Evil Red (A Vampire Dystopian Novel)
    49.4K 1K 10

    Highest Rank: #36 in Bampira (12/29/18) #40 in Sci-Fi (10/01/18) "In this world we've known as politically and economically chaotic has been altered in her story; where bloodsucking creatures submerged and dominates. Mankind has lost, vampires win. In her story, World War III shall proceed. Not with humans versus hum...

  • NaughtyJackyy (A fan letter)
    491 23 1

    Please open this...

    4.9K 154 21

    This story was made by the author's imagination The history of Magic demention the Universe of Enchansiya continues when a girl was born. She is Anita Sandra Taylor. She will be tested and create her own journey. Day pass by she feel being lonely and sad.Even she have her mother and grandmother something strange feeli...

  • The Wattpad Filipino Block Party 2018
    252K 11.2K 38

    Hey, Wattpadders! Muling nagbabalik ang pinakamasayang party rito sa Wattpad! Naririto na ang Wattpad Filipino Block Party 2018! Are you all ready to beat the Summer Heat?

  • It Takes a Man and a Woman [#Wattys2018]
    639 37 2

    Paano kapag nalaman mo na ikaw ay isang ampon? Sa kasamaang palad, ang taong nilalaman ng iyong puso ay ampon rin ng totoong mga magulang mo? Handa ka bang harapin ang laban ng pagmamahalan niyo?

  • Classrooms of Saikyō[COMPLETED ]
    130K 4.1K 82

    " I told myself, I might as well take all the risk because it's the only remedy I know for you to stay with me forever. " Not just a typical classroom story. Highest Ranking: #12 in Mystery Thriller 00-00-18 This is under revision.

  • 2. Weird and Fun Facts List of PHOBIAS
    24.3K 889 200

    A phobia is a fear of something, someone, and somewhere. Some are weird. Some are funny. Some are interesting. And this, Weird and Fun Fact List of Phobia, let you know what phobias you never expect its exist. ---- This is the continuation of Weird and Fun Facts List of PHOBIAS. To read the first part just search the...

  • The Lost Prodigy
    628K 30.7K 79

    Growing up in fear of the wicked empire overruling the entire continent, Blaire Everett endures hiding in the arctic southern region with her family. But when an ordinary hunting day ends with a bloody dusk, she knows that her nightmare has come to life. Captured and forced to compete in a deadly trial for Magicaes, i...

  • Our Maid Is A Good Vampire Princess✓
    130K 4.2K 68

    Everyone has a secret.Just like her.She's beautiful but...She's a maid.Madaming nakakapansin sa kanyang kagandahan pero sa likod nito ay isa siyang....Vampire.Yes.She's a vampire & vampire princess.At hindi lang 'yon,isa rin siyang Vampire Hunter na pumapatay ng mga bad vampires.Dahil sa isang misyon,mapupunta siya sa...