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  • 10 Days With Him
    868K 33.5K 79

    What would you do if you got to spend 10 days with the one and only? Inspired by a short dream.....

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  • His Lil' Baby (Dave East)
    7M 191K 64


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  • Just A NERD (August Alsina Story)
    16.6K 604 3

    I've never been accepted for who I am. I've never been called beautiful from anyone outside of my family. I don't have any friends. I get bullied, and that's all because.. I'm, JUST A NERD.

  • Bad Gal |August Alsina|
    402K 12.5K 34

    Coming from a broken home, Brooklyn chooses to protect herself at all times, her wall is always up & she doesnt have a filter. What happens when DeAndre puts her in her place? Will her wall stay up or come down? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form...

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    5.1K 713 28

    'discussions about everyday problems'

  • I'm in love with my Best friend (0.o) lesbian)
    21.7K 266 1

    “ I love you do u" I was leaning so close to her I could feel her breathing in my lips I just wanted to kiss those lips “ answer me " I push my self a little more close to her “ and kissing her neck and leaving a mark I kissed her close to her lips “ answer me angela" “ I do love you " that was the thing I wanted to...

  • Together Forever: Part 2
    227K 10.1K 34

    Part 2 Of The Octalogy Continuing With Bianca And Roman. Find Out If Bianca And Roman Can Make Their Marriage Work Through All The Difficult Obstacles That They Are Faced With. *RECENTLY EDITED* 1/6/16

  • Changed
    1.4M 27.6K 33

    Meet Kyleigh Hawthorne. She's The New Girl At The Local High School, And She's The Type Of Smart-Ass Girl That Doesn't Take Any Shit, And Doesn't Like To Associate With Players... Until She Meets Conner And Cory Shaw. Meet Cory And Conner Shaw- Her Next Door Neighbors. They're The Top Dogs Of The High School- Parties...

  • RIVALS | jjk. ✓
    8.3M 358K 52

    "did you just draw a dick on my face?" Highest ranking: #2 in FANFICTION

  • Lord He's My Teacher
    12.1K 355 11

    She may be a senior but she's mature , this isn't you ordinary student and teacher playing games with each other this is real love. Read to find out!

  • Thug Fetish 2:Love forgotten
    1.3M 43.9K 19

    After Jadah,survives her coma of 1 year,and gives birth to her two twin babies,WHILE in a coma,she's ready to start her life,on a new.Fresh.Clean start.Her life is going ok,but slowly tilting down until the man she loves,who she hardly remember,comes back into her life,Jayceon. Jayceon is fresh out of prison and alrea...

  • My Crush August Alsina
    135K 4.7K 38

    A Girl Who Has A Crush A High School Jock Named August Alsina

  • Thug fetish 3:Lost but not forgotten
    1.9M 66.2K 39

    The story of the lost Twin//+more

  • Rent A Thug
    61.6K 1.5K 34

    To be determined......

  • The Nerd (August Alsina story)
    188K 5.8K 24

    At central high school there's this popular boy named August alsina all the girls love him but then a bet is made to go out with the nerd of high school. But then August finds out she not so bad. Will they fall in love well read and see!

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    400K 21K 44

    And when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell my story? Jahani is the story of a young male facing the stereotypes of a young African-American man in America with a mother battling addiction and a father who isn't apart of the picture. Determined not to let deadbeats and druggies to shape his future. Det...

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  • Life Over Love ( NBA Boomer Story )
    83.7K 3.7K 35

    NBA Boomer/ Big B is your typical hood nigga. Will he change for a YN or choose it over her?

    Completed   Mature
  • RAIN
    3M 113K 59

    As a sixteen and a half year old girl with a four month old brother, she is put through a lot. Without her mother who died of cancer, and her father no where to be found she is forced to fend for herself. To make quick cash she becomes a stripper by night and a mother by day. ✓| THIS STORY IS UNEDITED AND CONTSINS ALO...

  • Me v. The Streets (Urban.)
    44.3K 1.9K 16

    Living in Brooklyn NY was not always the easiest thing for 17 year old Priscilla. Follow her journey as she finds love, is betrayed, heartbroken,and finds out what it really means to be a real thug growing up in one of the roughest cities in New York. 18 year old Kwaszi Johnson never had it easy. He had to grow up re...

  • ❤I HATE YOU❤
    162K 5.1K 31

    Jasmine and Kyle hate each other so much. Kyle is a nerd that has a fucked up family. Jasmine is the popular girl at their school. What happens when the meet each other. Will they fall in love? Or will they hate each forever?

  • Dope Boy Ambitions 3
    2.1M 63.5K 36

    Read Dope Boy Ambitions before reading!

  • The QB Bad Boy: Playing for Keeps
    8.4M 274K 51

    As Dallas and Drayton navigate life in the spotlight, Spencer is navigating intense feelings for Nathan - her best friend's brother. ***** Dallas and Drayton are planning their wedding, talking babies and learning how to navigate life in LA now tha...

    34.2K 771 5

    aaleeyah P.o.v So my name is aaleeyah I'm 17 year old and I get bullied by this boy name august alsina and his crew his crew really don't hit me they just call me names but august he punches kicks slap pulls my hair etc. he wasn't bulling me before were weren't best franns we were people in each other classes that kn...

  • August's Babysitter
    129K 3.9K 9

    August Alsina R&B/ Hip-Hop star is taking the responsibility of raising his three nieces for an entire year. When be hires a babysitter to look out for them when he has a meeting or work to do in the studio, she ends up having feelings for him. Will he fall in love with her or diss her.... ? Copyright © 2015

  • I can turn a Straight Bitch Gay
    163K 4.3K 33

    19 Year old Diamond has been in love with Ja'toree since High school but never told her, because she wasn't into girls. Now that she's out of high school and out of her shy shell will she come out and tell Ja'toree How she feels or will she let Ja'toree go.

  • Craving November
    116K 3.3K 22

    "I missed you boo boo. Where's your nanny?" I cooed, kissing her cheeks. On que the mystery lady walked in. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest, because of how hard it was pounding. My palms became sweaty, and my knees grew weak. There she was, the most beautiful female, I've ever laid eyes on. "Rhain?" I whispered...

    Completed   Mature
  • Make-Up Sex (Lesbian)
    89.2K 1.1K 4

    Two freshly broken up lesbians find a way to get along as neighbors.

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  • My Bestfriend? *Lesbian*
    163K 5.1K 25

    Jayde Williams is a lesbian, as well as her childhood friend of 16 years, Aleeyah. They've supported each other's relationships over the past years with no problems. Later in the story, Jayde and Aleeyah go clubbing, which results in them getting real drunk to the point where they have to be driven. Long story short...

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  • Gotta Get It (Complete)
    1.2M 57.1K 45

    Bambi is a college student who craves to experience the real college life. Not the work filled, community college going one she had now. When she finally gets her chance to transfer Bambi packs her shit and high tails it. Hoping to have the best junior year imaginable, not even knowing the trials and drama that were h...

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  • Recognize. (Urban.)
    446K 16.3K 40

    When Asia was younger she fell in love when she was 16 years old. Her family was all dissapoinments, and he was her escape to reality. A drug dealer who thought he had nothing going for himself but drugs at the age of 20. When Asia get's pregnant by him she has to has a decision to stay or leave his world behind for h...

    Completed   Mature